Zoho Show Review

Screenshot of Zoho Show in Google Chrome
Zoho Show. © Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Zoho Show is a free online presentation maker that's part of a whole suite of office programs called Zoho Docs, which also includes Zoho Writer and Zoho Sheet (spreadsheet program).

Zoho Show is really easy to use, has a nice set tools, and includes some unique features you won't find in any other online presentation maker.

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  • Saves automatically
  • Natural feel and interface
  • Well-organized menus
  • Can import and export to popular file formats
  • Many advanced features
  • Standard text formatting tools
  • Can restore to past versions
  • Share publicly or privately
  • Can do a live presentation broadcast


  • No spell check option


  • Zoho Show lets you import PPT, PPTX, ODP, PPS, PPSX, and SXI files via either a local file or one from a URL, which is handy for editing files made with other presentation software
  • You can save/export a presentation as a PPTX, ODP, PDF, or PPSX file
  • There are over 25 templates to pick from with some in wide format (16:9) and others in normal format (4:3)
  • Before creating a new presentation with Zoho Show, you can change the template text color and font type
  • Several slide layouts are available so you can quickly organize a slide's title, content, pictures, etc.
  • Text can be formatted like it would in a word processor, such as changing the text color and size, font type, line spacing, text direction and rotation, and vertical alignment
  • The background for a slide can be changed to a certain style, an image, solid color, or gradient fill
  • Text boxes, Twitter feeds, a footer, images, slide numbers, shapes, and the date can be quickly placed on a Zoho Show slide
  • 3D effects, fill, and other details can be modified for a text area
  • Audio and video can be imported from external sites like YouTube
  • The right-click menu can be used for objects and text on slides so it's more natural to add hyperlinks, format shapes, edit text, etc.
  • Images can be inserted into a slide from a URL, your local computer, Picasa, Flickr, or from a web search
  • Shared Zoho Show presentations can show in full screen without any advertisements or other distractions
  • You can broadcast a presentation to others in real time with a particular URL that not only lets them see the presentation as you're controlling it, but also allows participants to chat with each other
  • Notes can be added to slides and are only visible to the presenter
  • You can find and replace text across all slides at once with Zoho Show
  • Over 10 slide transitions and several object animations can be applied
  • Animations can be set to occur on click or after the previous object finishes its animation, as well as configured to run for a particular duration period and optionally delayed for a certain time
  • Guidelines make it easy to position things on screen in relation to other objects
  • Zoho Show automatically keeps a record of different versions so you can restore the presentation as it was in the past. You can also create these versions manually

My Thoughts on Zoho Show

Zoho Show is a fantastic presentation maker.

There are tons of awesome tools, you can share your files with others, and even display a presentation to a live audience from anywhere - this is exactly what you'd want from this type of software.

Considering that text is normally dealt with a lot when creating slides, it's strange we don't find a spell check utility in Zoho Show. Because the right-click context menu works with Zoho Show's features, you can't even use a browser's built-in spell check tool, which is really unfortunate.

When it's all said and done, the only negative thing I can mention is the lack of a spell check utility because everything else is so easy to use and beneficial.

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