Your First $1000

How to Start an Online Business that Actually Makes Money

Your First $1000 - How to Start an Online Business that Actually Makes Money
Your First $1000 - How to Start an Online Business that Actually Makes Money.

The book aims to help readers make money through online ventures, and specifically claims to help generate the first $1000. After tall claims from several other books and resources on the same subject, the author promises a realistic approach.


The book wants to show readers how to start and run a successful online business venture. However, the author categorically states that success cannot come overnight.

The secret, the author says, is to start small, and then grow the business. The book has a 7-step action plan to start a profit-making online business. The author urges readers to recognize that there are no magic wands or special software to make a business successful. Instead, a business needs commitment and hard work.

The author teaches readers on ways to make the first $1000 and then repeat the steps to grow the dollars. He asks readers to choose a niche website that can actually be profitable. Then readers must find an offer that is in sync with their needs. The book teaches readers to build a profitable website using four tools. The author advises readers to create high-converting content pages and emphasizes the need for excellent content. The book then goes on to ask ecommerce business owners to create good backlinks to the website, diversify web traffic, and scale up the online venture.


  • The author writes in a direct, no-nonsense style and tries to explain complicated topics in the simplest way possible.
  • There are no high-flying promises in the book.
  • Readers can quickly implement the tips that the author shares in the book.
  • The author tries to provide detailed solutions to specific problems faced by an ecommerce business owner.
  • The book is a helpful guide on affiliate marketing.
  • The author follows a proven business model, thereby ensuring that the tips shared have been successful.
  • The steps given by the author are simple, yet practical. By not promising the sky, the author ensures his credibility in the minds of the readers. His strategies are easy to follow, and the goal of $1000 is not outlandish or unachievable.
  • The author emphasizes the need for good content and strong products, which would make an online business successful. In many instances, content is the backbone of a successful ecommerce business venture.


  • The book is clearly aimed at beginners. Online veterans will have to find advanced reading material elsewhere.
  • The book’s premise is specifically on niche sites. Some readers would find this restrictive.
  • The backlinks to the author’s own website may be a slight irritant to some readers who may look at it as self-promotion.


The book is intended for ecommerce entrepreneurs, bloggers, and beginners looking to jump onto the online retail bandwagon. This book is just one of many that I have recently reviewed that focus on great content on ecommerce websites. Despite these clarion calls, I find that ecommerce business owners aren't taking this advice to heart.

Soon it might be too late. If your competitors start generating great content, you will be left behind.

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