Writing Apps to Keep You Organized and Inspired

To get your head in the game try "Writings for iPad"


One of our biggest hurdles as writers is to figure out how to not get distracted from our work. This app attempts to make your non-writing thoughts disappear as you leave your life and enter your fiction...

"Writings is a beautiful yet powerful plain text editor for iPad. In Writings, the whole environment is carefully crafted to let you focus on your text without distractions. Even the most advanced features are unobtrusive during the writing process, yet still available through a few finger taps. When you start writing, all the controls fade out leaving you with nothing but your text. In this way, you can let your writings flow in a truly distraction-free environment, while still being confident that a simple tap outside of the keyboard will reveal all the controls you need." More

For note taking try "Evernote"


On the first day of classes, I tell my students to carry around a little notebook so that they can record their ideas, dreams, overheard conversations and "fiction-worthy" moments that they think of on the go. I have realized, however, that in recent years, if I simply tell them to take notes on their phone they will be much more likely to listen.
Using Evernote is one way to organize these notes.

"From short lists to lengthy research, no matter what form your writing takes, Evernote keeps you focused on moving those ideas from inspiration to completion.
Easily gather everything that matters. Clip web articles, capture handwritten notes, and snap photos to keep the physical and digital details of your projects with you at all times.
Your words, images, and documents are always close at hand. Evernote’s powerful search and discovery features make everything you’ve collected easy to find."

For re-formatting try "Index Card for iPad"


Sometimes it's so hard to picture your story outside the computer screen. Printing pages is tedious and wasteful. Why not try Index Pad? Here are some ways this app can help you:

"Capture your ideas and store notes as they come to you.
Organize the flow of your project using a familiar corkboard interface.
Assign color labels to flag scenes, characters, or status.
Write and edit using the onscreen keyboard or an iPad compatible external keyboard.
Use the extended keyboard to quickly enter punctuation, symbols, and navigate text.
Index Card automatically saves your work as you make edits.
Changes are reflected every time you export.
Touch and drag a card to reorder.
Tap a card to open it for editing.
Swipe the editing screen to navigate through your project, one card at a time.
Scroll the card list to browse your entire project." More

For inspiration try "Lists For Writers"


"Lists for Writers is a great addition to any writer’s toolbox. Helpful to both novice and expert writers alike, this app delivers list after list of prompts and ideas for your brainstorming sessions: names, character traits, plot lines, occupations, obsessions, action verbs, and much more! Whether you are working on a creative writing project, a short story, an essay assignment, National Novel Writing Month / NaNoWriMo, or your next fiction book, this app helps get it done." More

For character names try "Name Dice"


I used to tell my students to buy baby books, or to look in the White Pages to find names for their fictional characters. Now you can use an app! And it's free!

"Name Dice is a simple tool to create interesting fictional names. This app includes hundreds of first and last names, resulting in nearly endless name combinations." More