Writer's Block? 10 Content Marketing Ideas that Can Help

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The internet is overflowing with content. Thousands of pages filled with new blog content, landing page content and more are published every month. Just consider the following statistics collected by MBAOnline regarding content that is uploaded everyday: 

  • 2 million blog posts are written

  • 864,000 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube  

  • 250 million photos uploaded to Facebook 

So, while we know that content should be at the center of every marketing strategy, finding the right content marketing subject can prove to be somewhat of a creative obstacle.

 Have you found yourself stuck on occasion? The following 10 content marketing ideas will help if you just aren't sure what to publish next:  

  1. Use Online Content Topic Generator 

    The easiest way to come up with new blog entry titles is to use an online blog title generator.  

    There are many of these types of tools available, and you can find them by performing a Google search. Make a list of the main keywords you use for your website and any nouns that are commonly associated with them. The blog entry generator will then give you a list of multiple subjects for each word combination that can feed your blog for up to a year or more. 

  2. Generate Titles With Your Keyword List 
    If you don't have a keyword list that you work from when writing content, you must start immediately.  

    Your keyword lists must include long tail keywords for each root keyword. For example, we can use the keyword "cheap t-shirts". Use the following as a guideline for creating titles for different content entries:   

    What: Cheap T-Shirts Online. 
    Why: Why You Should Buy Cheap T-Shirts Online. 
    How: The Best Ways to Buy Cheap T-Shirts Online. 

    ​Use this format for other keywords that you want to rank your website for. 

  1. Take Notes When Browsing the Web 

    Another great way to come up with ideas is browse the web for blogs of sites that offer a similar product that you do. While you do this,  or article that you come across and take a few minutes to write a general outline and form an opinion of your own. 
    Once you've done this, write an informative and engaging article on the same topic but with your opinion. Spending 15 minutes on a daily basis doing this can help generate many great blog ideas.  

  1. Search Related Social Media Profiles and Forums 

    Social media accounts and forum sites that relate to your particular topic are perfect places to find new content marketing ideas.  
    To find out about what people want to read, perform a search in forums for your keyword and the following phrase: "How do I...". The results will give you a great idea of what people want to read about when looking at blogs for your particular product or service.  

  2. Take Risks 

    Have you thought about a particular blog entry that you've put on the back burner because you thought it was too risky to publish? Now is as good a time as ever to go ahead and write a blog entry related to that subject.  
    The Internet is overflowing with content, and you need to have your blog stick out. As long as the topic isn't offensive to anyone, write it, publish it and share it on social media.  

  3. Write About Your Own Experiences 

    A great content marketing strategy is often created around personal experiences. 
    Think about the long journey you embarked on when you first started your blog or business. You've probably had a lot of ups and downs, and experienced a lot of success. Take what you have learned and write down as many ideas as you can. Expand on each one and create a post about how that experience help you become successful in your field.  

  1.  Use Popular Industry Blogs 

    A great way to get more people to follow and link to your content is to write about the exact same subject that someone else wrote about, but improve upon it.  
    Search various popular blogs related to your subject, choose the topics that you want to write about. Form your own opinion, make the post longer and go in depth. Once you've posted the blog, find out the websites that link to the original blog post and send them a message asking them to link to your blog instead.  

  2. Speak Directly With Your Readers 

    Your readers are the perfect resource for new content marketing ideas. They are the ones that follow you on a consistent basis and will likely have questions that you can turn into full blog posts.  
    Write a post asking for your readers to respond in the comments section and have them ask any question that comes to mind. Use each question as a separate blog post subject in the future.  

  1.  Subscribe to Newsletters 

    Newsletter subscriptions can be a great source for blog post ideas. Visit other websites that relate to your product or service and subscribe to their newsletter. Each time you receive a new email from them, use some of the information in a blog post of your own.  

  2. Closely Follow News About Your Topic 

    News is a constant cycle of information that streams online 24 hours a day. Find websites that constantly post news about your product, service or blog subject and spend 15 minutes per day looking for new content strategy ideas.  
    In many cases, news websites have multiple writers that work for them, so finding new ideas just by reading their website feed should give you some thought provoking titles.