Worst US Retail Industry Companies to Work For

Employee Surveys by Glassdoor.com Name Worst Retail Employers Each Year

What are the Worst Retail Companies to Work for in 2014?
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Job hunters considering employment with a retailing company want to know which are the best retail employers to pursue, as well as which are the retailing companies avoid because they are considered to be among the worst companies to work for.  By researching several different "best" lists, job hunters can easily identify a variety of ways that a retail company would be a best fit retail employer.

  But the research that identifies the worst retail companies to work for is more difficult to find.

Few organizations are brave enough to release "worst" lists.  We can only imagine the backlash that happens when a multi-billion dollar retailing company is identified as the "worst" in any way.  However, Glassdoor.com is one organization that dared to compile and make public a "Worst Companies to Work For" list beginning in 2008, based on voluntary employee surveys that evaluate eight workplace factors:

  • Senior Leadership
  • Communication
  • Employee Morale
  • Career Opportunities
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Recognition and Feedback
  • Fairness and Respect

Glassdoor stopped publishing its “worst employers” list after 2009, but using the data available on the Glassdoor website, 24/7 Wall St. has been creating its own Worst Workplaces list since 2012, based on its research and analysis of the ratings, rankings, and comments which are publicly available on Glassdoor.com.


More than half of the companies on the 2015 Worst Companies to Work For list are retail companies. While this doesn't speak particularly well for the retail industry as a whole, it is even more damaging to the individual retail companies that are consistently ranked by their employees as one of the bad, worse, and worst places to work in America.


The worst retail employer in 2015 - Dillard's - has been ranked as one of the worst retail companies to work for for the past four years in a row.  The same goes for Sears and Kmart, except they somehow managed to escape the wrath of their employees in 2014. Being a multi-year "worst employer" doesn't help the Dillard's or Sears/Kmart recruiting efforts at any level in the retail organization.  And it also doesn't help recruiters in the largest U.S. retail chains, which prospective employees tend to consider to be guilty by association of bad employment practices. 

What follows is a list of retail companies that have been ranked as the worst retail employers between 2015 and 2008, when the survey results were first published. The number in the left column indicates the "worst" ranking that each retail company was assigned according to survey results, compared to all U.S. companies in all industries. The lower the ranking number, the worse the retail employer is, according to current and past employees who voluntarily posted their opinions on Glassdor.com.

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2015 Worst Retail Companies to Work For (out of a total of 12 companies ranked):

2.  Dillard's
Dillard's Headquarters: Little Rock, AR
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3.  Kmart
Kmart Headquarters: Hoffman Estates, IL
Other Retail Headquarters Jobs In Illinois >>

4.  Forever 21
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Other Retail Headquarters Jobs In California >>

6.  Sears
Headquarters: Hoffman Estates, IL

9.  Ross Stores
Headquarters: Dublin, CA
Other Retail Headquarters Jobs In California >>

10.  Dollar General
Headquarters: Goodlettsville, TN
Other Retail Headquarters Jobs In Tennessee >>

12.  CVS
Headquarters: Woonsocket, RI
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2014 Worst Retail Companies to Work For (out of total of 11 companies ranked):

1.   Books-A-Million
4.   Jos. A. Bank Clothiers
6.   Dillard’s
8.   hhgregg
9.   Family Dollar
10.  Children’s Place
11.  RadioShack

2013 Worst Retail Companies to Work For (Out of a total of nine companies ranked):


4. Dollar General
5. Radio Shack
7. Sears / Kmart

2012 Worst Retail Companies to Work For:

2.   Dillard’s
3.   Radio Shack
5.   OfficeMax
6.   Sears / Kmart
9.   Rite Aid
10. GameStop

2009 Worst Retail Companies to Work For:

4.    AutoZone
15.  Kmart
16.  RadioShack
20.  Forever 21
23.  Sports Authority
24.  Fastenal
25.  Bed Bath & Beyond

2008 Worst Retail Companies to Work For:

6.    Radio Shack
18.  Chrysler
24.  Borders
25.  Rite Aid
31.  OfficeMax
37.  Blockbuster
41.  Macy's
46.  Circuit City
47.  eBay

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