World Wide Rave

Creating Triggers that Get Millions of People to Spread Your Ideas

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The most important thing in the online space is creating a buzz. Buzz, or an atmosphere of excitement around products, companies or even ideas, can generate substantial online traffic. Products and ideas get shared on social media, and get further popularized as more and more people talk about it. Author David Meerman Scott shares his thoughts about  creating buzz in this book.


The author provides a detailed insight into the phenomenon he calls the World Wide Rave.

He explains the rules of the rave, how one can tap the enthusiasm of fans and admirers, and why the old rules of advertising and public relations should be ignored. The book also shows how anyone can create an Internet rave, and the usefulness of mobile connectivity.

The author reminds readers of the first big truth: No one cares about your products (except you). This is what has to be at the back of the mind of every person who is looking to create buzz. It is also about getting millions of fans. Friends, or even a stranger, could start some buzz for you. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter become inalienable allies in your goal to creating the Internet rave. More importantly, the author also helps the readers equip themselves on ways to prevent and tackle negative buzz or rant.

The interesting tips that the author shares on how to generate a World Wide Rave are invaluable. May be the readers can start a worldwide virtual event, or even create a contest, to trigger such a rave.

Optimization of search engines, and directing the world to the reader and his product are other precious tips in this detailed book.


David Meerman Scott, author of the award-winning hit book The New Rules of Marketing and PR, brought forward interesting insights to the new Internet world of marketing and public relations.

The book stayed on BusinessWeek’s bestseller list for six months, and has been printed in over 20 languages. Scott has also authored other books such as Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead: What Every Business Can Learn from the Most Iconic Band in History. He also writes a popular blog.

Scott has been VP of marketing for two publicly traded technology companies, and was also Asia marketing director for Knight-Ridder. He has resided and worked in New York, Boston, Tokyo and Hong Kong, and has presented at industry events in more than 20 nations across four continents.


The book grabs attention with its smart storytelling, and interesting chapter names. Scott offers unique and innovative tips to readers, in a way in which only a marketing man can. He teaches the readers to break the old rules of marketing and public relations, and helps them stay abreast with contemporary techniques. The World Wide Rave is the latest way to get people interested in products and organizations. Products, companies, ideas, and even people, carry greater legitimacy when recommended or shared on social media by someone we know.


The content should be tightened. A simple way to do that would have been to avoid repetition.

The beginner's ideas are ok, but there aren't any real advanced gems.


This book is for people interested in marketing and public relations for ecommerce. It helps in understanding and exploiting the relatively new online phenomenon of social marketing.

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