Women Use the Internet More Effectively for Business Than Men

More WOB $1m+ Firms Have Full Service Online Capabilities Than Their Male Peers

More women-owned businesses offer full-service options online than male-owned businesses.

According to eMarketer, more women use the Internet for shopping and social contacts:

eMarketer estimates that there will be an estimated 97.2 million female Internet users ages 3 and older in 2007, or 51.7% of the total online population. In 2011, 109.7 million US females will go online, amounting to 51.9% of the total online population.

While this may sound like an exciting marketing tip, it’s really not all that impressive when you consider men make up the other 49% of Internet users.

The above statistics only show who is using the Internet, not how they are using online technology.

How Women Are Using the Internet to Succeed

There are three significant ways women entrepreneurs are using Internet resources better than men in business:

  1. Networking: Email lists are a free, easy, and powerful way for women to socialize.


    Business women recognize the networking and marketing power behind offering online newsletters, discussion boards, and forums. They also participate in more online social networks and sharing not only business ideas, but word-of-mouth advertising for products and services.

  2. Women Take Advantage of Online Resources: Women are quick to surf the net looking for resources and connections that will help them succeed in business. There are more “women helping women” websites than sites dedicated exclusively for male self-help.


  3. Women Offer Full-Service Online Business Transactions: Women in business seem to have made the connection that easy access to services and products on the Internet makes for good business. According to “FORTUNE Small Business,” the Center for Women’s Business Research research shows that:
    among owners of firms with annual sales of $1 million or more, 58% of women say the Internet plays a "moderately or extremely important" role in their growth strategies, while only 35% of male business owners say the same. Likewise, 56% of the $1 million-plus businesses owned by women have websites that can fulfill transactions online, vs. 38% of such enterprises owned by men.

    The Internet Blurs Gender Lines in Business

    Even those who are reluctant to deal face-to-face with a women, show little hesitance in purchasing goods or services online from women business owners. Maybe this hypocrisy can be boiled down to fact that the Internet does not wear lipstick, making it obvious the owner of a business is a woman.

    But more likely, it is simply because women have mastered the art of business.


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