Windshield Replacement Insurance

Hailstorm Protection for Your Auto

Shattered Windshield
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During the summer season, weather changes produce violent thunderstorms that may contain very large hail. One of the most common forms of damage you may suffer during a hailstorm is broken glass in your vehicle's windshield. You car's windshield is critical to the overall safety of your vehicle. According to the Center for Auto Safety, the number one claim in auto insurance is for auto insurance windshield replacement.

An auto insurance windshield replacement claim falls under your comprehensive coverage of your auto insurance policy.

Comprehensive Insurance and Glass Breakage Claims

Comprehensive auto insurance coverage for glass breakage claims does not only cover windshield breakage. It also covers all other types of glass in your automobile including mirrors, sun roofs, and glass doors. All glass damage may not be covered by your insurance policy. Generally, only glass breakage is covered. Other damage that can happen to glass in your automobile such as discoloration, leakage, and sand etching is most often not covered in an auto policy.

Most often, an insurance windshield replacement claim is considered a “no-fault” claim and will not make your insurance premium go up. Different states have different laws about insurance windshield replacement claims. There are “zero deductible” states where your insurance company must, by law, allow your purchase of a windshield replacement with no insurance deductible if you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle.

These states are South Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, and Massachusetts.

Insurance Windshield Replacement Procedures

When glass breakage occurs to your automobile, you want to replace the damaged glass as quickly as possible. Different auto insurance companies have different procedures for handling insurance windshield replacement.

You need to be familiar with the process to make sure your claim is handled as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Here are some procedures of top auto insurance companies for handling auto insurance windshield replacement:

  • State Farm: State Farm allows its insureds to report a glass breakage claim online. Once you have file the glass claim, you can make an appointment to have the auto glass repaired or replaced. State Farm sometimes uses competitive repair bids when it is determined by an adjuster that you need a windshield replacement. The customer submits competitive estimates of the windshield replacement for the company to approve and the windshield replacement to be completed. State Farm has a customer satisfaction policy that promises if you are not satisfied with the performance and if you are not, they will redo the repair to your satisfaction.

  • GEICO: GEICO encourages its policyholders to report glass breakage claims as soon as possible. The process can be completed online or over the telephone. The company will also work with you to schedule an adjuster to look at your glass replacement needs and schedule the repair for you. Often, GEICO can schedule the adjuster to come to the glass replacement shop, especially if you use a glass repair shop within their network. A GEICO representative can provide you with an approved list of glass replacement shops in your area.

  • Progressive: Progressive guarantees its glass replacement services for life as long as you use one of its preferred providers for your glass replacement. You can report a claim online or by telephone. Progressive strives to have all glass repair and replacement claims handled within 48 hours of being reported. Safelite Auto Glass is an affiliate of the Progressive Network and one of their preferred glass replacement providers. You can also choose a provider outside of the Progressive network to complete the windshield replacement.

  • Farmers: At Farmers' Insurance, you have the option of filing a car insurance windshield replacement claim online or over the phone with a claims representative. HelpPoint Glass Services is affiliated with Farmers' Insurance and handles its glass replacement services. There are over 12,000 participating glass shops through this program where you can schedule your auto glass replacement. A technician will also come to your home or place of business to complete the replacement if it is more convenient for you.

    Most insurance companies are similar in the types of glass replacement services they provide to policyholders. If you are unsure about any of your insurance company's policies regarding auto insurance windshield replacement, contact your insurance agent for a full explanation of your insurance coverage.