Wilsonart Coordinated Surfaces Suite

The Wilsonart service reduces lead time and facilitates coordination

Photo © Wilsonart

 Wilsonart, a leader in the industry for more than 50 years, is now making an introduction to its latest problem solving solution, the Coordinated Surfaces Suite. Addressing the ever-present issue of having to choose and coordinate between different surface finishes for cabinetry and countertops, they are presenting a one stop solution to match all needs that will also facilitated design and matching problems when using different materials.

What is the Coordinated Surfaces Suite?

Now is easier to match different products and finishes for that particular project that you are working on. Wilsonart® Coordinated Surfaces provides the powerful combination of High-Pressure Laminate, Thermally-Fused Laminate Panels, and Edgeband finishes into one single match. Now designers, and builders can use the three different alternatives as they will match according to specs providing a pleasant aesthetic solution. Wilsonart Coordinated Surfaces gives you the best possible matches in surface design and texture, no matter which pattern is used.

“We’ve just eliminated one of the most common frustrations commercial designers face,” said Natalia Smith, Wilsonart design manager. “With Wilsonart Coordinated Surfaces, design professionals can conveniently order matching casework, countertops and edging from one source, and get the most closely matched products in the industry.”

How Many Designs are Supported?

The Wilsonart Coordinated Surfaces programs offers more than 200 Wilsonart® Laminate designs and 6 finishes completely coordinated and offered as a bestmatched set from pattern to finish. Wilsonart's HPL textures are now available on Wilsonart's TFL Panels, as well as Edgeband, creating a true matching product and providing a consistent appearance to all surfaces.

The laminates being offered come in 4x8’ and 5x12’ panels, and may be specified as FSC certified. Wilsonart TFL Panels are available with a variety of substrates including: particleboard, MDF, NAUF/ULEF, moisture resistant and fire-rated. 

Wilsonart TFL Panels

TFL panels are manufactured by thermal fusioning a sheet of paper directly to a substrate. These type of panels are one of the favorites among cabinetry professionals, furniture companies and retail stores. There is no kraft paper use in TFL, and the resulting panel is ready for finishing. TFL panels are available in different sizes between 4x8 and 5x8, and may be specified as FSC® certified. Wilsonart TFL Panels are available with a variety of substrates including: particleboard, MDF, NAUF/ULEF, moisture resistant and fire-rated. Wilsonart TFL Panels contribute to LEED-NC and LEED-CI points in several categories.

Wilsonart Edgeband

Wilsonart Edgeband is an outstanding product, ideally used for curved furniture, bathrooms and kitchens. The applications are just too many, however, is intended for interior use only and it is not a structural material. Edgeband is extrusion manufactured and throughcoloured. In addition to being cost-effective, Edgeband offers many benefits over traditional HPL strip edging:

  • A smoother finish
  • More heat resistant
  • Minimizes heat shrinkage issues
  • Minimizes attraction of dust
  • Lighter weight
  • Easier to handle
  • No special set-up, machining or adhesives
  • Standard Stock Size - 15/16” x .018”

Wilsonart manufactures and distributes surfacing materials that are used on furniture, countertops, worktops, and walls; and in office and retail spaces, homes, healthcare, and education. Wilsonart has been a leader for the last 50 years offering innovative designs and quality products.

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