Why Your Pet Business Needs a Website

GK Hart/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Many pet entrepreneurs neglect to create professional websites for their businesses, which can result in lost income and opportunities to connect with potential customers.  According to surveys conducted by the U.S. Small Business Administration, more than 90% of all consumers research products and services online as a part of their selection process.  While website construction costs can vary widely, an attractive and functional website should be attainable with a reasonable investment.

Websites can be particularly important for pet service businesses such as veterinary clinics, grooming salons, doggie day cares, boarding kennels, pet bakeries, mobile vet clinics, mobile grooming salons, and pet taxi services.

Here are five of the best reasons to invest in a website for your pet business:

1.  Constant advertising

A website provides constant advertising for your services and raises the overall visibility of your business.  A well designed webpage will show up in the all important internet search engines, and these search engines are the first place most people look to find information on service providers.  The days of print advertising in the yellow pages have come and gone.  The website can be a great place to advertise specials, coupons, promotional events, and newsletters.  The site can also act as your best 24/7 employee, always being available to provide answers and showcase the business to potential clients.

2. Sharing detailed business information

A website is a forum for providing detailed information about your services, pricing, business philosophy, history, and more.  A website allows you to cover your business in greater depth than a print ad, presenting a comprehensive background for potential clients.

  It is also an excellent place to include blogs, photos of the facility, staff biographies, links to any company sponsored social media pages, and any information about company policies.

3.  Appointment booking

The ability to book appointments online is a hugely popular feature for professional pet service providers.  Many kennels, doggie day cares, grooming salons, and veterinary clinics have begun to offer online booking in recent years.  This is a convenient option for busy owners who can quickly take care of their needs through the website rather than calling in to a busy office and potentially having to be put on hold.  While it is important that a staff member closely supervises this feature to ensure it is working correctly, an online appointment booking system can significantly reduce receptionist staffing needs overall.

4.  Online payment options

Another great aspect of having a website is the ability to offer online payment processing for products and services.  There are a number of service providers that can help you process credit card payments for your business.  Customers tend to prefer doing business with companies that can complete a transaction online.  Some businesses also offer their clients the ability to access their own invoices and track their order history by logging in to a secure area of the site.

5.  Customer contact

Keeping customers engaged is another key part of having a website for a pet business.  The website offers customers a place to post feedback and reviews of the service provided by the business.  It also serves as a place to post the most up to date contact information for staff members in case clients want to get in touch with them.

Final Word

Not having a website can be costly in many ways, and a business can lose potential customers to competitors that have a professional and informative website available for review. 

It is also becoming increasingly important for websites to be mobile friendly in the new era of smartphones, so business owners should be sure to consider optimizing their websites for use on a variety of phones and other devices.