The Reasons Why You Should Publish on LinkedIn Pulse

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••• Zave Smith

Being present on social media in 2016 in non-negotiable. Everyone is on it nowadays—especially decision-makers. LinkedIn is the go-to place for professional online networking. And most professionals have a LinkedIn profile. However, one aspect of LinkedIn that is often under-utilized is the publishing platform, Pulse.

LinkedIn Pulse allows you to write articles that can be seen by anyone on the platform, or even outside.

Below are five encouraging reasons why you should write on LinkedIn Pulse as a way to establish influence and further your career.

Publishing on Linkedin Offers Increased Visibility and Traffic

A term you should familiarize yourself with is “organic reach”, which refers to the number of followers or connections you can reach on a social network with a status update without paying.

The organic reach of an average Facebook post is actually around 2.6%, and that figure is declining. Twitter reaches is not much better, reaching 10% of followers.

On the other hand, publishing and sharing on LinkedIn has the potential to reach nearly 20% of your network. To see how to use this information and grow your traffic, visit this article.

Getting featured on Pulse is especially powerful. This article mentions how one user-generated over 10,000 views in just over two hours of being published, which also resulted in interviews, new clients, and new ventures.


You’ll Reach the Right Kind of Readers

Not only are you able to gain more attention from the get-go on LinkedIn, but you’re able to get the right kind of attention.

LinkedIn users aren’t sharing the latest cat memes, trying to kill time. Instead, they’re looking for businesses connections and trying to build their personal brand.

They’re professionals.

You can also join interest or niche-based groups, people interested in tech for example so that your content is hitting the right audience. It’s the goal-oriented mindset on LinkedIn that differentiates it from time-killing social networks.  This link provides more data and a closer look at LinkedIn’s demographics.

Publisher Is Open for Everyone

Originally, self-publishing was a feature that you had to be invited into by people of prestige. It was mostly used by CEOs and top execs, or chosen specialists. But in 2014, Pulse was opened up to 230 million English-speaking users and can be used by anyone. Complex algorithms allow over 50,000 articles to reach their relevant interest base each week. This makes Pulse a collaborative medium for all kinds of different voices and specialties--a melting pot of professional content.

You’ll Create Value for Others in Your Industry

Publishing relevant content is a great way to get your name in front of the right eyes and make positive contributions to your field. Not only does this help others, but it works toward establishing you as a capable member (or even expert) of your profession. That goes a long way when you’re being evaluated by a potential client or hiring manager.

Plus, if you publish useful articles that teach people something they didn’t know or raise interesting theories, people might read your articles and follow up with questions or discussion points--thus creating a dialogue and establishing a point of connection.

Publishing on Pulse Is Less Time-Consuming Than Running a Blog

A blog requires constant maintenance, content creation even when you have no good ideas, and possibly even money spent on domain names or development. It requires you to do all the work to get your content in front of other people’s eyes. Plus, everyone and their aunt have a blog, so unless you invest a lot of work into it, chances are that yours will go relatively unnoticed.

Using Pulse, on the other hand, is simple. You write when you want to, publish individual articles, and have no obligations beyond that.

It’s free, the articles automatically disseminated to a network of people interested in the topic, and you can put the article links on your portfolio, where they’ll display your knowledge and writing skills just like a blog would (bonus points if the posts were popular).


Publishing on Pulse is only one aspect of using LinkedIn, so don’t neglect using the platform in other ways as well. LinkedIn can be a powerful ally in your job search, and you want a profile that catches the attention of decision-makers. To understand more about making a stellar LinkedIn profile, go here, where you can find a complete checklist for developing an all-star profile.