Why is Your App Difficult to Market?

3 Ways to Increase Sellability of Your Mobile App

Sell Your Mobile App
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Just because an app looks great, doesn’t mean it will sell. Just like with logos and other graphic aspects of your branding, the visual appeal of your app is not the end all for your marketing success. Here are three reasons why your app may be difficult to market.

The app was designed by a web designer and not an app designer.

There is a misconception that web design and app design are the same thing.

Yes, the two use code to get the pages and the apps to work. However, a web designer is more apt to make the application based upon website trends and marketing instead of practical functionality and coding required of mobile application. Furthermore, a web designer is more likely to use templates, frames, and web design tools to make the app. This will deprive the application of originality.

A mobile app designer will make sure the app is compatible on multiple platforms and developed for fast download and use, two things web designers may not consider. You want to ensure that you have a marketable app, not a miniature web page.

You valued the price tag over the quality.

No one wants to spend more than they have to, and you do need to consider cost versus profit when creating your app. But, focusing solely on price can lead to a poorly created app, which you have to spend more to fix. When you ask a new designer to fix a bad app, you’re handing a flawed product to the new app designer.

Imagine giving a burnt cake to a baker and asking for a professional wedding cake made from it. The value vs. quality debate should be explored when you are planning your app design. Frame out the points of the app which are essential to the design and to your branding.

Interview and research the credentials and success of app developers.

If everything is in the top 10, odds are you will have a successful app. Yes, the developer may cost a little bit more than someone with less experience, but when it comes to making money with an app, you can’t skimp on quality.

Your app was not designed with UX in mind.

Another crucial reason why apps don’t do well on the market is that they are not catered to the user’s experience (UX). An engaging application that maximizes user experience is a must. This means you need to draw the user in and keep their attention. For this, it’s essential you hire UX designers who are capable of handling everything from competitor analysis to execution of user-oriented strategy and content. Simply having a functional app with fancy bells and whistles is not enough to push your marketing forward. You need to keep the user and UX in mind in the creation of your app.

To insure a good user experience, once your app is created, you’ll want to do both Alpha and Beta testing. If the tests show there is something lacking in the UX design, the application needs to be reformulated and retested. Do not neglect the functionality of the app for the market trends in the aesthetics. Many apps have failed just for such a reason.

Yes, the windows 10 simplistic look may be in now, but if your app does not fit within these parameters find a UX approach which will maximize both the aesthetics as well as the functionality appropriately.

Your app is not integrated with social logins.

It is expected that your app will have social logins integrated into the design. This makes it easier for users and more likely they’ll use the app because you’re not forcing them to remember yet another login and password.

As a secondary consideration, Google has given precedent to apps and web pages that are social media friendly. This means that those apps which embrace logins through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter are more likely to show up in top search results than those that don’t.

Along with offering several mobile application logins with your app, use the social platforms to promote your application.

Features such as the share function should be available on your app so users can help you pro