6 Reasons Why Home Business Owners Should Power Off Sometimes

Improve Your Personal and Professional Life

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Can you go a day without your computer or smartphone? Can you go an hour without checking your email or social media? Technology is a crucial part of home business success. It can keep your schedule, store important information, allow for communication anywhere, and assist in marketing. But all that power and convenience has its drawbacks too. Too much screen time can get in the way of your relationships, increase your feelings of stress, sap your energy, and keep from being in tip-top shape.

Make sure you’re not hurting your professional and personal life by spending too much time online. Here are a few ways powering off can improve your life and your business.

1. Reduce Stress

The Internet and portable technology has led us to think we need to be connected 24/7, every month, every year. This is especially true for home business owners who don’t want to miss something important. Then there’s all the provocative and controversial content posted on Twitter and Facebook that might upset or anger you, making you feel the need to respond. All this can lead to unnecessary stress in your home business.

In truth, there is no need to be “available” all day every day. Your email isn’t going anywhere. The posts on your Facebook feed will still be there when you get them later. Further, the world and your business won’t end if you don’t respond ASAP. Have a specific off time every day where you don’t look at any device.

It’s hard at first, but after awhile, you’ll realize what a luxury it is to be away from it.

2. Improve Personal and Professional Relationships

Have you ever been talking with someone who keeps checking their phone in the middle of your conversation? Do you ever do that? While notifications are nice, they don’t have to be checked the minute they ding.

Depending on what you’re doing it could be rude or unsafe if you’re driving. Your email, text, or social media announcement isn’t going to expire. But if you check it instead of paying attention to your client, colleague, or family member, you might lose them. Avoid the urge to even glance at your phone when talking with others, and instead, focus all your attention on the person you’re with.

Further, as a home-based worker, you might feel compelled to go to your home office, even after your regular office hours. Fight that urge as well, unless you’re under a deadline. It’s easy to work too much in a home business and hurt your family relationships.

3. Improve Sleep

Research shows that sleep has more impact on brain power than we once thought. Not getting enough sleep can lead to a variety of health issues including depression and weight gain. There are many reasons people might have trouble sleeping, one of which is too much screen time. Experts recommend that you don’t use any screens (computers, tablets, phones, e-readers, and televisions) 30 minutes prior to going to bed to give your brain time to power down. This should allow you to fall asleep faster and have a better night’s sleep.

4. Relax

Being online can be stressful. Dealing with work, discord on social media, negative news items, and more can lead to agitation and tension. Turning off your devices allows you time away giving your brain and body time to relax from the chaos online. In fact, you should take time specifically to relax by taking a walk, stretching, doing yoga, meditating, or spending time with family.

5. Control or Lose Weight

Research confirms that sitting too much, for example at a computer all day, can lead to weight gain, which in turn can lead to other health issues, such as diabetes. While standing periodically can help, getting away from your desk offers even more benefits. Leave your desk and other technology behind on your lunch or coffee breaks. Don’t spend your entire evening watching television, binging on Netflix, or gaming.

Trade in screen time for activities that allow you to be with your family or get you out of the house or other more active activities.

6. Increase Productivity and Effectiveness in Your Home Business 

Your ability to get things done is dependent on many things, including having a good night’s sleep, quality relationships, and good health. When your mind and body are sound, you have a better mood, increased energy, and greater creativity to work effectively in your home business.