Paying a Deceased Person's Bills

Probate vs. Non Probate Assets

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When a person dies, a major concern of surviving family members is any outstanding bills they may have to pay. Begin by reading Who Pays Off a Deceased Person's Debts? You will also need to consider the following depending on the type of assets the decedent owned:

Will It Be Necessary to Probate Any of the Decedent's Assets?

What Happens to Jointly Owned Assets?

If any of the decedent's assets were jointly titled with rights of survivorship or as tenants by the entirety, these assets will pass directly to the surviving owners or surviving spouse by operation of law and outside of probate. But what impact will this have on the payment of the deceased owner's bills? Find out by reading What Happens to a Joint Account When an Owner Dies?

If all of the beneficiaries named by the decedent have predeceased the decedent, the account proceeds will become assets of the decedent's probate estate. If this is the case, refer to How a Deceased Person's Bills Are Handled Before and During Probate.