Who are the Top-rated Auto Insurance Companies?

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Who are the top-rated insurance companies? The answer to this question may be different depending on your specific situation and what you are looking for in an auto insurance company. While some consumers are looking for the lowest rates possible, others are more concerned about service and the ability of the insurance company to pay claims. By looking at some different criteria, you can identify who some of the top auto insurance carriers are in different categories for your specific needs. Results included are based on customer surveys conducted by A.M. Best , J.D.

Power & Associates, Consumer Reports and other rating organizations.

Rated by Price

While price is usually not the top consideration given by customers when choosing an auto insurance company, it still ranks very highly. You need an affordable insurance premium for the auto coverage you must have, especially in tough economic times. An insurance company who is top in the category of pricing will work with you to find the most affordable insurance premium possible, explaining to you about the difference things like deductibles and optional coverage such as rental reimbursement, towing and medical payments can make in your insurance premium.

Some of the top-ranking auto insurers ranked by affordable premiums include:

Rated by Service

To be a top-rated carrier, insurance companies know they must have excellent customer service. For many consumers, the most important element of satisfaction in an automobile insurance company is customer satisfaction. This means that when you call, you can speak with a live person on the other end who is interested in your problems and ready to help you find a solution. Most of the companies who rank high in the customer service area also have a website that is user-friendly with many available resources to assist customers.

In the area of customer service, consumers rank these companies the highest:

Rated by Claims Paid

Customer claims satisfaction is a top priority when looking for the best auto insurance company. You want a company who will stand behind you when you need it most. A company that handles claims well will assist in helping you file a claim, schedule an appraisal and work with you to have your vehicle repaired and restored to its original condition in a timely manner. Some of the top-ranking companies in the areas of claims service include:

  • USAA Auto Insurance
  • GMAC
  • Amica Mutual
  • Unitrin
  • Old Republic

Rated by Auto Insurance Purchase Experience

Have you ever started shopping for an auto insurance policy and felt like the whole process stressed you out? These insurance companies listed below know the importance of providing the customer with the best possible auto insurance purchasing experience. Here are the top ranking companies in the area of overall insurance purchase experience:

  • The Hartford
  • American Family
  • Amica Mutual
  • Erie Insurance
  • Liberty Mutual

The smartest way to find an auto insurance company who is right for you is to consider all aspects: policy premium price, service record, financial stability, the ability to pay claims and the overall purchase experience. It takes a good insurance company report card in all of these areas to make a top auto insurance company. Finally, you have to go on your own personal experience. After buying an auto policy, pay special attention to how well the company services your policy and processes any changes you request.

If you are not satisfied, you may want to consider switching coverage to an insurance company that better fits your needs.

If you think your auto insurance company is not meeting your needs, perhaps its time to consider changing insurance companies. A great place to start looking for the right insurance policy is comparing coverage options through auto insurance comparison websites such as Compare.com or NetQuote.