Which Brokerage Firms Have the Best Mutual Funds?

See Which of the Top Discount Brokers Have the Best Funds

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Most people don't think of brokerage firms when they think of mutual funds. Instead, and rightly so, they think of some of the best no-load mutual fund companies, such as Vanguard, Fidelity, and T. Rowe Price.

But there are a few discount brokerage firms that offer their own selection of top mutual funds, while providing access to some of the best mutual funds from other companies. 

Keep in mind that brokerage firms, as well as mutual fund companies, often charge transaction fees when buying or selling shares of funds from other companies.

These fees are usually low and average around $10 per trade.

Discount Online Brokers That Offer the Best Mutual Funds

Probably the best brokerage firm that offers the best selection of high quality no-load mutual funds is Charles Schwab. They have a good combination of index funds and low cost actively-managed funds. Even better, Schwab offers mutual funds with minimum initial investment amounts as low as $100.

Other discount online brokers that offer a wide selection of mutual funds (although not their own) are Etrade and TD Ameritrade. They each offer thousands of mutual funds but be sure to begin your search by looking through their respective choices of "no-transaction fee" funds or "NTF Funds."

For a broader selection of brokerage firms, check out Kiplingers list of best online brokers.

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