Where to Sell Used Video Games

Turn Old Games and Consoles Into Cash or Credit

Used Video Games. Photo © Erin Huffstetler

Do you have a stack of video games that you never play? You may be able to sell those games and put a little extra cash in your pocket.

Whether you are cleaning out the house, decluttering, or getting ready to move, old video games may still have some value. They don't have to be the versions that are currently marketed. Even very old games might be wanted by collectors who played them when they were young.

Beyond selling disks, there may also be a market for the gaming consoles, joysticks, and other controllers.

Here are several places where you can sell your used games. Choose the option that works best for you:

1. Take Your Games to the Store to Turn in for Cash or Credit

Some big box stores and specialty shop will pay you cash or store credit for your video games and consoles. This can be the easiest and fastest way to get value out of them, but you will probably make less than you would​ by selling them one at a time.

  • GameStop - You can look up the value of the games, consoles, and accessories online before you take them to the closest store. GameStop will give you cash or trade credit.
  • Best Buy - This big box store lets you look up your game titles to see how much they will give you for them. They will also take consoles and other electronics. You can either take them to a nearby store or ship them to them. You will receive a Best Buy gift card in return rather than cash.
  • Toys"R"Us: Trade-in your games and consoles for gift cards. Check the site for participating stores. They don't have an estimator. 

2. Sell and Ship a Batch of Video Games

Best Buy will allow you to send them a batch rather than taking them to a store. There are other such services online.

  • Secondspin.com - With Secondspin, you don't have to go to a store, you can package them up and ship the items to them for cash or credit. Use their selling calculator to tell them which games you have, and you'll get an immediate offer for the ones that they're interested in. In addition to games, they take music CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray.

    3. Sell Your Video Games Online One By One

    If you're willing to let the money trickle in and deal with having to ship the items one by one to sellers, these options may bring you more profit per item.

    • Amazon Marketplace: You can list your items through Amazon Marketplace. The advantage is that they will then appear in the regular Amazon listings for the same new or used title. That brings your items before more sets of eyes. Amazon also has a trade-in program for video games, music CDs, DVDs and electronics if you don't want to wait for them to sell.
    • Half.com - List your games, and set your own asking price for them. There are no listing charges. However, you may have to do a little research into how much to ask, and you will have to ship the items to buyers.
    • eBay.com - Put your games up for auction and hope for a bidding war to push up their selling price. This is a great strategy if you're unloading popular titles.

    4. Trade Them for New Games

    Just want something new to play? Use swap.com to trade your old games for new ones.