Where to Advertise Apartments for Rent Online

Free and Paid Websites to Post Your Rental On

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Advertising your rental online is a cost effective way to reach a large number of people. There are many websites, some are free and others require you to pay, where you can list your vacancy. In addition, there are also sites which cater to specific needs, such as tenants with pets or tenants who have Section 8. Here are the best websites to post your apartment for rent.

Free Listings

The websites below allow you to list your rental property online for free.

These websites have a few features in common.

  • You must register in order to post your listings.
  • Registration is free.
  • You can add as many or as few details about your property as you want- location, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, square footage, additional amenities.
  • You can post pictures.
  • The listing will expire after a certain number of days. You will be given the option of renewing your listing or posting a new listing for the rental.
  • People do not have to pay to see your ad, it is searchable by all.



  • Trulia.com- Trulia uses a service called Postlets for their rentals. Using this service, your rental will automatically be posted on other sites such as Zillow, MSN Real Estate, HGTV Front Door, Hotpads and Yahoo Homes.


    • Zillow.comZillow and Trulia have merged. Zillow also uses the Postlets service, so if you advertise here, your rental will receive the most exposure possible.


    • Hotpads.com- Shows your property on a map. It is free when listing individual apartment rentals. Larger complexes will have to pay a fee to list properties, which starts at a little over $100 a month. Hotpads is affiliated with Zillow.


      Paid Listings

      The websites listed below require you to pay a fee in order to advertise your rental. The fee will vary based on the website and the length of the listing.

      • Apartments.com- A 30-day listing will cost $80 or more. Renters do not have to pay to view the listings, however. You do not have to be registered with the site to search for rentals.


      • Rent.com- To advertise on this website, you must pay a monthly fee. The fee starts at around $50 a month for properties with one to ten units.


      • ForRent.com- Has separate sections for properties with 20 or fewer units and those with more than 20 units. It starts at around $100 for a three month listing. Popular with larger communities which have revolving vacancies.


      If You Accept Pets

      There are additional websites which cater to those with animals. If you allow pets in your rental property, you should consider posting your listing to these sites as well.

      • Hotpads.com- There is a separate section of the Hotpads website which is dedicated to pet friendly apartments.


      • PeopleWithPets.com- You will have to pay a monthly fee to advertise your rental on this pet friendly site. Monthly prices start at about $60 a month.


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      If You Accept Section 8

      If your rental property accepts tenants with rental assistance, you should advertise your rental on sites which cater specifically to this demographic.

      • SocialServe.com- You must register in order to post your listings, but it is free to do so.


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      If You Are Located Near a College or University

      If your property is located near a college or university and you are trying to rent your unit out to students, then you should look at sites which cater to these co-eds.

      • ForRentUniversity.com- This entire website is dedicated to the college demographic. It lists big name schools such as the University of Florida and Texas A & M.


        • Rent.com- Has a special section dedicated to off-campus-housing


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        Senior Living

        If your investment property is senior friendly, you could benefit from advertising on a website that targets this market.

        • After55.com- This site is dedicated specifically to the over 55 demographic. The focus is on senior friendly housing, including retirement communities and extended care facilities.


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