Where Do the Candidates Stand on Bitcoin?

Who will be the first candidate to provide their stance on bitcoin?

Recently, I reached out to each of the Presidential candidates and their staff to gather their views on bitcoin and blockchain technology.  What I received back was.....NOTHING!

That's right. No candidate was willing to offer up a comment or opinion about bitcoin or blockchain technology, or even whether they would consider evaluating the currency and technology during their time in office.

Now we know that these candidates are not short on opinions.

Heck, they even gave their opinions on a major topic like DraftKings and fantasy football during a recent debate

In fact, you can see where the candidates stand on the issues ranging from affirmative action to WMDs here.  But you'll find no mention on what their thoughts are on bitcoin, which an article on Nasdaq.com felt had the power to not only help the U.S., but impact other countries and the global economy as something that "will fundamentally change lives and be truly revolutionary."

The candidates have already spent time discussing the impact of China's "currency manipulation" and their concerns about the various currencies throughout the world. News flash - in 2015, the best performing currency in the world was bitcoin!

It's not like no one cares about what the candidates think about bitcoin.  A post on Reddit in August of this year questioned the lack of any discussion with the candidates about the topic.

You could even enter your thoughts on bitcoin to see which candidate you should "side with" - it's unclear on how they can do that when no candidate has made their stance on bitcoin clear (the question was actually removed from the site when I guess they realized the same thing).

In all fairness, there was one candidate who did state his stance on bitcoin.

 Rick Perry, while still a candidate, stated that he supports "regulatory breathing room for digital currencies such as bitcoin". 

Perry is no longer in the race for the White House.  

Perhaps that's why even Rand Paul, who was the first candidate to accept bitcoin donations for his Presidential campaign, has not made any "bold" statements on his views of whether or not he would even evaluate the digital currency if he wins the election.

Gary Johnson, who is once again looking to run for President as the Libertarian Party candidate (he ran four years ago) has announced his interest in bitcoin and is seeking to use the digital currency to support his Fair Debates Initiative, which seeks to break the hold on the two party "monopoly" that exists in our country. 

But where do the Republican and Democratic Candidates stand on bitcoin and blockchain technology?  

Will any of them voice their current opinion, or even interest in learning more about bitcoin, the blockchain and how it can help or at least impact, the current financial systems?

So I challenge each of the candidates and their teams to provide at least an opinion on bitcoin and the blockchain, and address the following questions:

  • What is your opinion of bitcoin?
  • Is bitcoin something that you will evaluate if you become President?
  • What impact do you think blockchain technology will have on the current financial systems?
  • How do you see bitcoin and blockchain innovations impacting America?  Will you take a proactive or reactive role to evaluating how they may impact America?

And my final question is:

  • Who will be the first candidate to be brave enough to address these questions?

I have my own opinion as to who that may be, but let's see if I'm correct.  

I ask that any candidates or their teams that wish to address these questions and take a stance on this issue do so by tweeting me on Twitter @JackTatar with #BitcoinStance.   Those who do will find their opinions and remarks in a subsequent article here on this site.  

Which candidate is willing to look forward and address the issue of bitcoin and the blockchain?

Who do you think it will be?