Where Can I Donate Business Suits I Don't Need?

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Question: Where Can I Donate Business Suits I Don't Need Anymore?

You've decided to revamp your wardrobe and found that you have some business suits and other work clothes you no longer need. Don't throw them out. If they are in good condition, you can donate both men's and women's work attire to organizations that distribute them to job searchers who are in financial need. Many of those charities also provide other services including job search assistance.

In addition to clothing donations, they appreciate monetary contributions.

Answer: The following organizations accept donations of business suits and other professional attire.

  • Dress for Success: This national organization distributes women's business suits and other professional clothing to women around the country. Women receive a business suit, shoes and accessories to wear on job interviews. Those who are hired get work outfits. You can bring unwanted interview-appropriate suits, separates, shoes, accessories, unused undergarments and unopened cosmetics to a local Dress for Success affiliate. Some affiliates also accept coats. See the Dress for Success Web Site for locations and additional information.
  • Career Gear: This organization, which distributes interview and work-appropriate clothing to men, is based in New York City but has affiliates in Houston, Texas and Washington, D.C. You can bring or ship your donated clothing to either the Houston or Washington location. The New York City office isn't, at the time of this writing, accepting donations from individuals, but they will accept clothing received from corporate suit drives. See the Career Gear Web Site for further information.

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