When There's Nothing Left to Cut from Your Budget

Trying to get your budget to crunch, but out of things to cut? These are the steps to take next:

Find Free Alternatives for the Things You Need

Woman paying bills online at home
Portra Images / Getty Images

If ditching your cell phone, Internet or some other service isn't an option, look for free alternatives to take the place of the paid version. It's amazing what you can get for free these days.

Increase Your Earnings

Sometimes a budget shortage really is about a too-small paycheck – and not a spending problem. Find ways to bring in enough extra money to cover the necessities, whether it's by picking up a second job, several odd jobs or some other means all together.


Too many expenses and not enough cash to cover them could be an indication that you're living too large for your current situation. Go over all of your expenses, and look for places to downsize. Could you move to a smaller home? Trade your vehicle(s) in for something cheaper? Become a one-vehicle family? Sell off some of your toys? Sometimes a big change is the only thing that will get your finances back on track, so be honest about what you need and what you don't.