When is the Best Time to Buy a Swimsuit?

Skip the Spring Break Rush and Hold Out for the Best Bargains

Bathing suits on wall in store
Eri Morita/The Image Bank/Getty Images

If your old swimsuit is getting a big faded and stretched out or you are just looking for a new look, it can be tempting to scoop up a new suit as soon as they hit the racks in March or April. But if you buy your suit at the start of the season, you can end up spending nearly double what you could pay by just waiting for a few months.

Follow these tips to get the best deal on your new swimsuit:

  • Shop in August: You will get the best prices on swimwear in August, when stores are eager to clear out their summer inventory to make room for fall shipments. Even online shops will mark down their products significantly to make room for new lines. By waiting to August, you can get 40 to 70 percent off the original retail price. 
  • Settle for May: If you just cannot wait until the end of summer, May is the second best month to buy swimwear. With the sudden burst of warm weather, retailers often offer competitive sales to lure shoppers in to start their summer purchases. 
  • Avoid June and July: Of the entire year, June 8 is considered the largest swimsuit buying day. Bikinis, in particular, fly off the shelves, so retailers tend to keep prices high throughout June and July. During the hottest months in the middle of swim season, people are eager to buy whatever suits are available, so stores have no reason to discount them. 
  • Select Separates: Many suits are now sold as separates, which is a great option for women who are different sizes on bottom and top. But it can also be a great way to mix and match and get a great bargain. If you have a great black bottom, you can narrow in on matching or complementing colored tops, rather than purchasing a whole new suit. 
  • Be Open to Different Brand: While you may rely on the same stores or brands every year, it may be worth breaking out of your comfort zone. Many stores have refocused their efforts on creating stylish and affordable swimwear that holds up to regular wear. Other brands have launched lines that meet specific needs, such as for women who are active on the beach or women who want a bit more support and control up top. 

    If you are budget conscious and need a new swimsuit, try to avoid the summer rush in the Spring, June and July. If you can wait until August, you can score top name brand suits at cut rate prices and still have plenty of selection. If you absolutely cannot wait to purchase a new bikini for a summer cruise, May is the second best time to find a suit without going over-budget. Keep these tips in mind when shopping to get a bargain you feel good wearing.