What You Should Do If You Spot a Freebie Scam

5 Easy Steps to Make Sure You Keep Yourself and Others Safe From Freebie Scams

If you think you've spotted a freebie scam, follow these 5 steps to keep yourself and others safe from the scam.

Make Sure It's Really a Scam

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In the world of freebies, sometimes there is such a thing as a free lunch. Before you shout "freebie scam!" make sure that the freebie is actually a scam.

You can be sure that a freebie offer is a scam by finding out who's offering the freebie and why they're giving it away for free. More

Don't Request the Freebie

Once you're sure that the freebie is really a scam, then don't request it. If it is indeed a scam then you could have your information and possibly identity stolen.

Report the Freebie Scam to the Authorities

There are several organizations that you need to report freebie scams to so you can keep yourself and others safe.

If you've fallen for a freebie scam and think your identity is at risk for being stolen then you need to contact the local police, your financial institutions and the credit reporting agencies. More

Alert the Website Owner to the Freebie Scam

After you've reported the freebie scam to the authorities, then you need to contact the owner of the website, forum or blog where you saw the freebie posted. This way the owner can delete the freebie before others are taken by the scam.

Tell Others About the Freebie Scam

It may take awhile before the owner of the website where the freebie was posted can remove it. If you're able to leave a comment or reply to the offer, then do it! Let others know that you think this a scam and they need to avoid this so-called freebie.