What To Do When Someone Views Your LinkedIn Profile

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Wondering who is checking you out on LinkedIn? What should you do when someone views your profile? Should you message them or connect with them – or not?

Most of us are curious to learn who has viewed our LinkedIn profile. What, if anything, can you do to capitalize on those who have looked at your profile? It could be a hiring manager you'd be thrilled to hear from, someone who could help you network your way to a new job or an old colleague you'd love to get back in touch with.

Who it is will help you decide what to do.

Is It Acceptable to Contact Someone Who Views Your Profile?

Reaching out to viewers with whom you have a logical connection will seem more natural than doing so when it's a random person with no obvious reason to look at your profile. For example, you might have graduated from the same college in the same time period or with a similar major. Maybe you shared a previous employer (at different times or in different locations), lived in the same area, have lots of common contacts or are active with the same professional organization.

If you reach out, you don't necessarily have to mention that they viewed your profile (maybe they don't even remember doing so) in your outreach communication. You can focus on your common bond and why you would like to connect with them.

When You're Not Sure Why They Were Looking

Keep in mind the fact that viewers without an obvious connection may have accidentally clicked on your profile.

(Sometimes, when people are searching for someone, they'll click on the profile of someone else with that same name, for example.) Thus, if you have absolutely no professional or personal connection with the person, you might simply want to ignore them. However, if you see they work for a company you are interested in, or if you find some other point of connection, you might want to message them.

After all, typically the worst that can happen is that they will ignore you, so you have little to lose (except maybe some of your allotted messages, depending on your LinkedIn account). You will want to make it clear why you'd like to connect, including how you might be helpful to them. You will have the option to reference their viewing of your profile or simply state your reason for reaching out based on their background.

When to Reach Out

You don't want it to seem like you're stalking the people who are checking you out on LinkedIn, so don't reach out right after the person viewed your profile. Waiting a day or two makes sense. If the person contacted you accidentally, they probably won't remember. If it's a recruiter or hiring manager, it won't seem like you're desperately and immediately contacting everyone who viewed your profile.

What to Say in Your LinkedIn Message

If you do mention that the viewer has visited your profile, you might state something like, "I noticed that you had stumbled upon my profile and as I checked out your profile I was intrigued to see that there are some interesting parallels with our careers. I would love to chat with you about…" This way, you acknowledge a common interest between the two of you and provide a reason for connecting.

If you do decide to reach out, review these tips for sending LinkedIn messages and invitations before you connect.

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