Types of Writing for Freelance Writers

Close-up of human hand writing in notebook
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As a freelance writer, it may seem like there is a never-ending smorgasbord of potential freelance writing jobs and freelance writing work out there. But how can you match your talents and preferences with the work available?

Here’s a short primer on the types of writing you can look into, based on your likes and dislikes.

Trend Setting and Leading the Pack

Are you persuasive and opinionated? Do you like to set the trends, and convince others that they’re worth following?

Or, are you an activist who likes to get others riled up and on the “right” side? If so, you may be best suited for sales writing, marketing-targeted work, social media management, op-eds and non-profit/cause writing.


If you’re more focused on building relationships and that human-to-human experience, you may be best cut out for work in internal communications, social media, and email marketing.

Teach Me Something

If you’re always interested in trying something new or enjoy researching and investigating things, you may want to look into freelance journalism, case studies, email marketing or writing essays for cash.

Tell Me a Story

Writers interested in relating through the storytelling experience can best match themselves with causes (such as by supporting nonprofit organizations), social media writing and case studies. Script and screenwriting is also a possibility for this writer.


Follow the Formula, Please

If you like writing formulaic pieces with a set structure, you may be interested in producing case studies, (some) blog posts or writing for content sellers.

You May Say I’m a Dreamer

Those who are solely interested in creative writing aren't completely out of luck! There are some outlets for creative writers—check out this article for some direction.


The Social Butterfly

Writers who like engaging with others may be best suited for social media work and blog posts, which both allow them to interact with their audience.

The Amount Matters

For those who prefer writing with a high word count, sales letters, academic essays, case studies and freelance journalism all fit the bill. However, if you prefer composing shorter pieces, look into social media, blogging and email marketing.

It’s important to enjoy what you do. Matching your preference with your talents means that both you and your client will be satisfied in the end!