What Kind of Home Buyer Are You?

Your Personality Comes Out When Buying a Home

If you were really honest with yourself, what kind of home buyer would you say you are?. © Big Stock Photo

Real estate agents who show homes to home buyers on a regular basis tend to become intimately familiar with the type of home buyer they are carting around town. Most home buyers, believe it or not, fit into one of 7 categories. Let's see if you can easily figure out which type of  home buyer you may become once you start looking at homes and where your predilection lies.

The Bunny Home Buyer

The bunny home buyer is timid and shy.

She does not like confrontation and intensely dislikes negotiations. This type of home buyer is often afraid of offending her agent and it's important to her that her agent think well of her.

The bunny home buyer might not tell her agent that the home, painted dark brown for example, is ugly. She will instead stand quietly in the kitchen and stare at the faucet, wondering out loud if the hot-water knob should be on the right because it seems out of place in that position. She won't say anything disparaging about the home, and it will be difficult for her agent to figure out what type of home she would like to buy.

The Shark Home Buyer

The shark home buyer makes fast decisions and is demanding. The minute the shark home buyer spots a new home listing, he will be on the phone texting his real estate agent to show him the property now -- not later on in the afternoon or tomorrow but right now -- before any other buyer can possibly hightail it over to tour that home.

He wants to be the first and the only buyer.

The shark buyer can treacherous for a real estate agent because the agent will never know for certain if the shark buyer will want to eat him for lunch as well. It is not unusual for a shark buyer to ask a real estate agent for a commission credit of some sort, a kickback or a rebate, as though the agent owes the buyer part of the agent's earnings simply for an opportunity to work with the shark.

The Fox Home Buyer

The fox home buyer is curious, sharp witted and serious about buying. When the fox home buyer spots the home he wants to buy, his pulls out his checklist to make sure it matches each of the priorities he has established for himself and then asks to see the comparable sales.

The fox home buyer doesn't second-guess his buying decision. He trusts his gut instincts and navigational abilities to point him in the right direction. But do not leave any crackers on the table because he'll quickly stuff them into his cheeks when everybody is looking at the water stains on the ceiling and swallow them whole.

The Beaver Home Buyer

The beaver home buyer is a dreamer who can visualize and conceptualize. A real estate agent can show any type of fixer upper home to a beaver home buyer, and this type of buyer will find tons of positive reasons why buying a fixer home would make sense. He may want to buy them all.

The beaver home buyer knows that perfection requires persistence, and he takes a diligent approach to methodical construction. He may be prone to delivering long lectures about the safety of power tools and is likely to carry a toolbox everywhere. Agents should not show this kind of buyer a turnkey home because it offers zero appeal.

The Sheep Home Buyer

The sheep home buyer follows trends and the habits of other home buyers. Family and close friends influence the sheep buyer, and their opinion counts more than the sheep's own. Sheep buyers often cannot buy a home until every person in his or her extended family can approve of the transaction.

The sheep buyer does not want to buy in a buyer's market because that kind of market, although a better market for them, makes them uncomfortable. They prefer to buy when everybody else they know is also buying a home, which is often the worst time to buy a home.

The Feline Home Buyer

The feline home buyer is aloof, often indifferent, and highly selective. A real estate agent might get discouraged showing homes to a feline home buyer because it may seem like nothing the agent shows measures up to expectations.

The feline home buyer will be ready to make a purchase offer when she finds the perfect home, even though it might seem like the opposite is true to the agent.

The feline home buyer can appear mysterious, for those reasons, and is very independent. She does not need the real estate agent to send her listings, thank you very much, she can conduct a home search online herself, but if the agent insists on emailing new listings, so be it. When she's finished with her manicure, she'll take a peek at the list. Maybe it will contain the home of her dreams? If not, a nap is always in order.

The Panda Home Buyer

The panda home buyer is cute and seems so harmless and sweet until you realize that the panda home buyer is a bear at heart. And bears can kill humans. For no reason. An agent could ask a panda home buyer to write an earnest money deposit, and the panda home buyer might confuse that request with a demand to kill her firstborn.

The panda home buyer is unpredictable and can shred an agent's face with her claws just as easily as she might try to play patty-cake. Agents can count on dealing with a panda home buyer at least once a year or so. They seem so normal at first.

At the time of writing, Elizabeth Weintraub, BRE # 00697006, is a Broker-Associate at Lyon Real Estate in Sacramento, California.