What Kind of Computer Should I Buy: Mac or PC?

Should you buy a Mac or PC?
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Should I buy a Mac or a PC? This is a question you may be asking yourself if you're looking for a new computer or laptop. 

Below are six factors to consider to help guide you on which to buy. 

1. Price: Macs cost more

Macs tend to be pricier while PCs are more affordable. However, nowadays you can easily find Windows machines (aka PCs) that cost comparable to an Apple computer. 

Nonetheless, you can easily find a PC for $200.

Macs tend to cost over $1,000. 

2. Security: PCs tend to be more vulnerable 

It is a legend that Macs and their powerful operating system (OS) are not susceptible to viruses. While it is more difficult to get a virus on a Mac than a Windows, it is definitely possible. 

On the other hand, Windows machines are more prone to malware. This is only because more people in the world use PCs -- making them a better target to attack. However, newer Windows models are known to be better at combatting security vulnerabilities.

3. Software: Design-related software for Macs only; PCs better for gaming 

Macs appear most often in creative industries. Because of this, a large about of professional editing software (video, photography, etc.) is available on Macs only. 

Alternatively, PCs are found most often in office and business environments. Therefore PCs can use a variety of enterprise-level applications -- that are not available on Macs.


Moreover, PCs are the dominant player in gaming because of their powerful graphics cards. So if you happen to be into gaming, take this into consideration. 

4. Hardware: Almost identical between Macs and PCs  

Modern PCs and Macs come stacked with comparable hardware.

This is the case because the same companies manufacture the Central Processing Unit (CPU), Random Access Memory (RAM) chips and hard drives for the majority of systems available.

(Translation: the inside parts of Macs and PCs are basically identical.) 

Nevertheless, a key difference between Macs and PCs is that Macs have a standardized hardware combination. This means that there is minimal variance between different levels of systems.

PCs do not have a standardized set of hardware. Therefore smaller hardware components can come from general manufacturers. This means that Windows machines can be easier, and cheaper, to repair.

In regards to storage space and speed: Macs and PCs are comparable depending on the given model. 

5. Usability: Macs known to be more user-friendly 

This is a subject for debate:

But it is generally agreed that Macs are easier to use because of their intuitive design.

However, have you been a Windows user all your life?

If yes, then you are mostly likely familiar with the Windows OS. Meaning it could take some time to adjust to learning the Mac setup. 

Are you looking to break into your dream career as a web or graphic designer?

Then switching to a Mac from a Windows could be a dream come true.

6. Maintenance: PCs easier to fix; Macs need fewer repairs 

When it comes to maintenance and repairs, there is a significant difference between Macs and PCs.


Basically, because Macs are less common, only specially trained technicians can make repairs and updates. (However, if you are located in the US, a Mac specialist is not hard to come by.) On the bright side, because of Mac's layout and design, they are less likely require repairs.  

Alternatively, PC's modular design makes it simple for anyone with basic hardware know-how to make fixes and updates. The downside to PCs? They are more likely to need repairs and updates. 

Final Consensus: Which Should I Buy?

In the end, it all comes down to what you plan on using your computer for.

  • Do you plan on doing design, editing, and related creative pursuits? If yes, get a Mac.
  • Do you intend on only browsing the internet, checking email and using applications like Microsoft Office? If so, a PC will be sufficient.

    In fact, if you only plan on using your new computer/laptop for simple tasks -- a netbook should do the trick. 

    Again, it all depends on you and your goals. Ultimately both Macs and PCs can get you to the same place. They just have different ways of getting there.