What is Social Job Searching?

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Social job search involves using social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for job searching. Social media is used by both job seekers who are looking for employment opportunities, and companies looking to hire.

How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search 

It's important to build a social network in advance of when you need it. You should be prepared to be found on social media, whether it is a recruiter viewing your profile or an employer who you reached out to first.


That being said, you'll need to do more than just have an online presence. 

It's most important to make sure your LinkedIn is built out comprehensively with your most recent employment information, and take responsibility to keep it up to date. Being proactive when it comes to social media can position you so you are prepared to job search at any time - when you need to find a job or when you're are looking for a change. 

It's equally important to ensure your social profiles remain work-appropriate, if they are public. It's common for employers to Google candidates, so make sure your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest don't contain anything that could hinder you from getting a job.

Beyond keeping your profile fresh and professional, you should also make an effort to stay active online. Talk to your connections on Twitter or the other networking sites. Join Groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, post and join the discussion.

Be engaged and proactive in your communications.

How Employers Use Social Media to Recruit

It's very important to consider your online presence, as more and more employers have been expanding their hiring procedures to incorporate social networking sites. Hiring managers and recruiters use social media to source candidates, to post jobs, and to accept job applications.

Social media job searching sites can help hiring managers to get a more clear sense of their potential employees and their backgrounds before they have even interacted. Social media makes it easy for recruiters to understand you better; your likes, dislikes, and how you might fit within the company. 

Use Social Media to Find a Job: Use an App

It's also important to take advantage of the apps that help make social job searching work. You can use apps designed for your phone or iPad and apps for Facebook to search for and apply for jobs and connect with employers who are using social recruiting to seek candidates for employment.

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