What is Business Networking?

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What is Business Networking? Business Networking is a skill and a low cost method of marketing that is used to build new business contacts through connecting with other like minded individuals. Business Networking is generally done through face to face meetings almost anyplace or anytime but is commonly done at business or community events and even more specific, Business Networking events that are hosted by business networking groups or organizations.

These events can be on a local or national level. The events are usually planned around an activity, such as a conference speaker. Either before or after the activity, attendees are given the opportunity to meet and interact with one another to share business thoughts and ideas with the intent to build business relationships that will be of benefit to each involved. Most networking groups meet once a month or sometimes more frequently.

There is also business networking that is done virtually through the use of online Business Networking sites which are also very low cost and often free. An online Business Networking website may have the additional benefit of being able connect their members with contacts that are worldwide as well as local.

Because business networking is based on the building of relationships with people, it is a ongoing and long term method of gathering business contacts but can be very effective.

Also Known As: Networking

Examples: John connected with Gerry, at the Houston Business Networking Event, and Gerry was able to arrange for John to meet with the CEO of a major company that John had been trying to make a presentation to for several months.

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