What Is an ETF?

List of ETFs of ETFs

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There are many different types of assets that can be found in an ETF. Stocks, futures, options, and in some cases other ETFs. Like a fund of funds mutual fund, which is a mutual fund consisting of other mutual funds, ETFs of ETFs contain…other ETFs.

What’s the Advantage of an ETF of ETFs?

The main reason this new innovation in ETFs was created was for greater diversity. There’s no doubt that mutual funds and ETFs give an investor and a portfolio broader exposure, so an ETF of ETFs, just takes that diversification to the next level.

Also, an ETF of ETFs allows fund providers to use advance trading strategies due to their dynamic structure. They can target different sectors as well as achieve different risk tolerances.

And of course ETFs of ETFs have all the regular advantages of ETFs as well. The big one being the tax advantage on the capital gains. You can also consider the fact that ETFs of ETFs can save you some money on commissions. Instead of buying multiple stocks or even other ETFs, you can accomplish that goal with one ETF of ETF transaction.

What Are Some of the More Popular ETFs of ETFs?

While there are not a lot of ETFs of ETFs active to date, they are gaining in popularity. So I expect this list to grow over time. However, these are the current ETFs of ETFs trading today…

  • ACCU - Advisor Shares Accuvest Global Opportunities ETF
  • BYLD - iShares Yield Optimized Bond ETF
  • DENT - Dent Tactical ETF
  • EQL - ALPS Equal Sector Weight ETF
  • FWDB - Madrona Global Bond ETF
  • AGLS - Accuvest Global Long Short ETF
  • IYLD - Morning Star Multi-Asset Income Index ETF
  • ONEF - One Fund ETF
  • PTO - Power Shares Ibbotson Alternative Completion Portfolio
  • PAO - Power Shares RiverFront Tactical Balanced Growth Portfolio
  • PCA - Power Shares RiverFront Tactical Growth & Income Portfolio
  • QEH - QAM Equity Hedge ETF
  • RRGR - Advisor Shares Global Alpha & Beta ETF
  • SSAM - Advisor Shares Rockledge Sector SAM ETF
  • YYY - Yield Shares High Income ETF
  • GLDE - Advisor Shares International Gold ETF
  • YPRO - Advisor Shares YieldPro ETF