What is an Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)?

How Employers Use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

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Many employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS), also known as talent management systems, to process job applications and to manage the hiring process. They provide an automated way for companies to manage the entire recruiting process, from receiving applications to hiring employees.

The information in the database is used for screening candidates, applicant testing, scheduling interviews, managing the hiring process, checking references, and completing new-hire paperwork.

Why Companies Use Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant tracking systems also are used for regulatory compliance and to track where candidates found the job posting—on a job board, directly from a company website, through a referral, or from another source.

How Applicant Tracking Systems Work

When an applicant applies for a job online, their contact information, experience, educational background, resume, and cover letter are uploaded into the database. The information then can be transferred from one component of the system to another as the candidate moves through the hiring process.

Company recruiters can review the applications, applicants can be sent automated messages letting them know their applications have been received, online tests can be given, hiring managers can schedule interviews, rejection letters can be mailed, and human resources personnel can use the same information to put individuals on the payroll once they are hired.

These integrated systems streamline the recruiting and application process for employers.

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