What is Advertising Research?

Advertising Research
Getty Images / Monty Rakusen

Advertising is based on high-quality research both in regards to what ads will be effective with existing and potential consumers as well as in the success of each marketing campaign.   

What are the Different Types of Advertising Research? 

Before a brand launches an advertising campaign they will commonly perform some research into the habits and preferences of their customers so that they can understand who their customers are and what appeals to them.

When a company is looking to launch a new product the advertising base is often expanded to potential customers in different groups so that the brand can begin to understand what their market niche is and can create a message that speaks to that market.  

Another type of advertising research that is commonly conducted is into the effectiveness of the created advertisement. This is done in all different walks of advertisement including print, television, radio and digital forms of advertising. Under these methods of advertising research, individuals are shown various forms of advertising and are asked what they think about the different individuals products, whether they would consider the products, and how overall well they know the product as a result of the advertisement.  

After a campaign is conducted, advertising research will measure the success of the advertising by trying to understand the amount of impact that the advertising had on the sales of the organization that conducted the advertisement.

This type of advertising research can help to pinpoint the success of the advertisement and is most effective when comparing alternative forms of advertisement through different markets to help a company to understand whether it needs to revise its advertising methods. 

What Are the Forms of Advertising Research? 
Some brands will conduct research internally and ask clients to fill out or complete surveys both about themselves as well as about how they located the product or service that the company is offering as well as the customer's satisfaction with it.

Others will rely on third party advertising research firms to make sure that the studies are more independent and less biased. A variety of different methods is used to provide advertising research in addition to the aforementioned survey. Some will show ads to individuals and ask them to relay what they saw and whether or not the product sunk in. Others will monitor to see whether or not the advertisement was able to generate interest in the product by viewing what the individual looked up or researched after seeing the advertisement. 

What's the Purpose of Conducting Advertising Research? 

The overall purpose of these varying forms of advertising research is ultimately to improve your brand awareness and revenues by creating a better form of advertisement that more effectively and efficiently reaches your target market. Over time, a company or advertising agency can hone and refine their message to further improve the message and to improve their business with the results of the advertisements that it develops.