What is a Mini Resume?

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What is a mini resume? A mini resume is a very brief summary of your education, work experience, credentials, and accomplishments. A mini resume can be used for networking or provided upon request to employers instead of a full length resume. 

Unlike a traditional resume, which lists each position as its own item, a mini resume sums up your overall experience in just a few lines. Bullet points are the best way to format a mini resume.

 A mini resume can be printed on the back of a standard size business card that has your contact information and title on the front.

When To Use a Mini Resume

In most cases, your traditional, long-form resume will be appropriate. But, a mini resume comes in handy at job fairs or networking events when you're meeting with lots of people and want to leave them with something more than a business card, but less bulky than a resume on a full-size piece of paper.

A mini resume is also useful if you're networking and want a contact to pass on your information to a hiring manager or recruiter. Rather than sending them off with your full resume, you can give them a mini resume to pass on, which contains all the basics the company needs in order to decide if they should pursue you as a candidate.

A mini resume in the format of a business card can also be useful to have on hand should you meet a potential business associate at random, as mini resumes can be more effective and informative than basic business cards.

Mini Resume Example

John Smith
Computer Programmer
848 Abbott Road
Stillfield, CT 08888


Experienced, entrepreneurial, dynamic computer programmer.

  • Five years experience in successful design, development, and support of live use applications.
  • C++, Java, C, ASP.NET, SQL, MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, JBoss, Tomcat.
  • Certifications: CCNA, Unicenter Certified Engineer.

Also Known As: mini-resume

Examples: George gave a copy of his mini resume to his networking contacts.