What Does Motivated Seller Mean?

When you read the term: "motivated sellers," if you're like most buyers, you probably think those sellers are desperate, right?

The sellers might be desperate to sell. Much depends on the sellers' circumstances, how long the home has been on the market, whether it is priced correctly and the reasons the home is for sale. Part of you might wonder aren't all sellers motivated? I mean, if they put a home on the market, aren't they motivated to sell it?

Once I had a seller tell me he wanted a certain price for his home, and he would simply leave his home on the market until he got it. That listing was on the market for ten months before an offer came in at full price, and it was immediately followed by another offer for $10,000 more than list price. But the chances of that happening are rare.

I hate to say this, but sometimes sellers aren't motivated at all. Sometimes they just want to find out if anybody is interested in buying their home, and they don't really care if they sell it. But there's more behind the reasons agents market a home by saying the seller is motivated. And those reasons could surprise you . . . read more about Motivated Sellers.


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