What Do You Find Most Rewarding About Being In Sales?

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Here are sample answers for the interview question "What do you find most rewarding about being in sales?"

Sample Answers

  • I really enjoy making contacts, and spending time talking with people. The most rewarding part of being in sales, for me, is the time spent with customers, helping them make the right decision about a product.
  • I think the most rewarding thing about sales is providing customers with the best service possible. I pride myself on making sure that a customer knows about the product they are purchasing, and has the ability to use it to its fullest potential.
  • The most rewarding thing about being in sales, for me, is the satisfaction of helping a customer to realize their goals. Once I had a customer who was restructuring her Children's Department, and needed to fill in a large number of books in the pre-teen section. We had a great time making selections together, and she was really pleased with the variety I was able to help her select.

Sales Job Interview Tips

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