2020 List of Most Expensive Cars to Insure: Is Yours One of These?

Spending Twice as Much on a Car and Paying Less Insurance Can Happen

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When you're shopping around for a car, you might think that the budget for your car insurance premium will be relative to the price of the car, but the price of a car isn't always a good indicator on the cost of car insurance. Have you ever compared prices of car insurance and discovered someone with a more expensive car than you is paying much less? Or, have you ever changed to another model of car and ended up paying the same or more for a car that is cheaper? You would not be alone, these are scenarios that happen to people every day, and everyone has the same question: Why? There are reasons why one car is more expensive to insure than another, and it helps to look at the average costs of insurance before you buy your next car.

Consider reducing the cost of the insurance by adding anti-theft devices that will give you higher discounts and combine this strategy with bundling your home and car, and take a higher deductible to save a significant amount on your premiums through discounts.

There are all kinds of lists you can look at, but the best way to find affordable insurance is to shop around and use your personal information and insurance credit scoring to get the best price. We've got the most recent lists of the most expensive cars to insure, and some of the cars on this list just may surprise you, we'll also explain why.

Do Cheaper Cars Cost Less in Insurance?

No. An affordable car purchase doesn't always mean affordable insurance. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Highway Loss Data Institute (IIHS HLDI) collects data on claims payments, crash data, safety ratings and other important information about driving habits, accident causes and distracted driving statistics. One of the things this data is used for is to look at the cost of car insurance and frequency of claims and claims payouts for car parts or damages on different cars.

24/7 Wall St. used this data to come up with the most expensive cars to insure in 2018, but there could be correlations between the costs of insurance and the profile of driver who normally purchase these cars.

These are the cars that made the list of the cars that will cost the most on insurance based on current (IIHS HLDI) statistics.

List of the Most Expensive Cars to Insure 2020

Every year various organizations compare the cost of car insurance to come up with lists of the most expensive cars to insure. We are covering a couple of them because it gives you a good idea of how different factors can impact the rates. If you aren't looking at buying a luxury class car, then you may be more interested in the information in our second list.

In the 2020 most recent data from Insure.com, for example, who do a review every year, these are the most expensive cars to insure in 2020 based on the average rate of car insurance surveyed.

  1. Mercedes AMG GT R $4,082
  2. Audi R8 5.2L V10 Quattro Performance $4,033
  3. Nissan GT-R $3,994
  4. BMW M8 M8 Competition XDrive convertible $3,953
  5. Mercedes S65 AMG $3,911
  6. BMW M760i xDrive $3,814
  7. Porsche Panamera GTS Turbo $3,800
  8. Tesla Model X Performance $3,798
  9. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye $3,768
  10. Mercedes S560 convertible $3,766
  11. BMW I8 $3,761
  12. Porsche 911 Carrera GT3 RS $3,732
  13. BMW 840i convertible $3,679
  14. Audi S8 L Quattro $3,672
  15. Mercedes S63 AMG 4Matic $3,672
  16. Tesla Model S Performance $3,574
  17. Mercedes Maybach S650 $3,565
  18. BMW 750i XDrive $3,470
  19. Jaguar F-Type SVR $3,443
  20. Jaguar XF Sportbrake Prestige $3,425

Note that the that the range of the entire list is between $3,425 and $4,082, so overall the most expensive cars to insure are generating premiums of about $3,400 to $4,100 per year. If you are looking to lower your car insurance price, consider increasing the deductible and you can probably work away most of the price difference using this strategy. The cost of the cars in the list also probably share some of following common risks which would make the costs higher than average:

  • more expensive parts to repair or replace (making collision costs higher)
  • higher incidence of theft (making comprehensive costs higher)
  • more horsepower (making liability risks higher)
  • high value to replace

Compare this list to the one below from our other sources and you will see a big difference.

The median annual cost of car insurance for the 25 most expensive cars to insure based on 24/7 Wall St.'s information range is $1,365.

Our most expensive car to insure list below includes:

  • the annual average price of insurance paid on these models according to the (IIHS HLDI)
  • the approximate retail value of the car

Cheaper cars don't always mean cheap car insurance, but they may also indicate average profiles of the average drivers for these cars.

  1. Tesla Model X 4dr Electric 4WD: $1,909 average insurance cost / $87,000 retail
  2. Tesla Model S 4dr Electric 4WD: $1,866 / $71,000
  3. Mercedes-Benz S-Class 4dr LWB: $1,783 / $89,900 – $229,500
  4. Mitsubishi Lancer: $1,556 / $9,995 – $15,499
  5. BMW 4 Series 2dr: $1,485 / $44,800 – $53,200
  6. Dodge Charger HEMI: $1,475 / $29,220 - $65,545
  7. Kia Optima Hybrid: $1,475 / $28,090
  8. Scion/Toyota FR-S/86 series: $1,447 / $26,655 - $32,420
  9. Chevrolet Camaro 2dr: $1,402 / $25,000 – $62,000
  10. Dodge Challenger: $1,399 / $27,845 – $69,995
  11. Infiniti Q50 4dr: $1,386 / $35,650 – $53,350
  12. Lexus IS 200T 4dr: $1,371 / $50,915 – $54,355
  13. Chrysler 200: $1,365 / $10,995 – $15,961
  14. Land Rover Range Rover 4dr 4WD: $1,362 / $89,160 - $208,200
  15. Hyundai Sonata hybrid: $1,352 / $25,750 – $31,300
  16. Ford Mustang 2dr: $1,333 / $26,395 – $46,595
  17. Mitsubishi Mirage: $1,317 / $13,795 – $16,995
  18. Nissan Maxima: $1,314 / $34,050 – $41,540
  19. Kia Rio: $1,295 / $15,390 – $16,190
  20. Kia Forte: $1,289 / $17,790 – $21,990
  21. Lexus GS 350 4dr: $1,288 / $50,915 - $54,355
  22. Chevrolet Sonic: $1,282 / $15,420 – $20,720
  23. Lexus ES 300h 4dr: $1,280 / $41,560 – $45,210
  24. Hyundai Accent: $1,279 / $14,995 – $19,080
  25. Nissan Versa: $1,271 / $12,460 – $16,090

What Factors Makes Some Expensive Cars Have Better Insurance Pricing?

Before we get into differences on driver profiles for various cars, it is worth understanding that when cars have more safety features, they may be more expensive to buy, but less expensive to insure. When a car is using technology to prevent damage or avoid accidents it may be a more expensive model of car, but the insurance may be less because it is less likely to cost the insurance company as much in claims payments as the cheaper cars with fewer safety features, provided all other factors are the same (age, location, driving history, etc.).

Your Personal Information Will Impact The Cost of Insurance

Depending on the source of information, and how data is calculated, there are going to be high variations in which cars make different lists. So these lists should be taken as indicators, but ultimately pricing cars using your personal information will give you the best estimates.

Different Insurance Price Lists Use Different Criteria

A great example in seeing how personal information, your choice of insurance company and even your location can impact the cost of insurance can be found when you look at the list of least expensive cars to insure, and Insure.com's most expensive car list and compare it to the list above. Insure.com uses data from six insurance companies in 10 zip codes per state but are based on a 40-year-old male profile. This significantly impacts the rates being used to make a list. As a result, the cars on the lists change.

The list above using data from IIHS HLDI's accidents, claims payouts, crash testing and average premiums across the USA and is also not isolated to a specific age but rather on actual claims data.

For example: the Land Rover Range Rover 4D 4WD is probably not being driven on average by a 19-year-old as primary driver across the country, it is probably being driven by someone with age discounts, professional discounts, strong insurance credit scoring and possibly more driving experience because it isn't the kind of car most people get as their first car, or when they are students. So using actual data from the Institute would account for this. However, if you take Nissan or Kia, there is likely more diversity in the profile of driver and this could be part of what puts both these cars in the same price range of insurance in the list above. The price of insurance for you on these two cars may not be the same at all, even though they are almost the same in the list.

The Best Way to Find Out The Most Expensive Car to Insure?

The best way to find out what the most expensive cars to insure or the least expensive for you is:

  • Come up with your wish list of cars.
  • Get a quote keeping all your personal information the same.
  • Switch up the car models and compare.

Repeat with different insurance companies because one company may be better suited to your profile than another, and these companies will give you a better price on insurance.

This way you will get the real picture of your expected cost, and it's the best way to work on your car insurance budget and not end up with unexpected surprises.