What Are the Best Sales Jobs?

Top 5 Factors to Consider

When it comes to ranking the best sales jobs in America, there are hundreds of criteria to sort through and to consider. And no matter what criteria used (or not used), the list will be very subjective. What is important to one may be of little importance to another.

In this article, I've listed the commonly searched for sales-job criteria and included 1 or more sales careers that often offer the specific criteria. This list is certainly not intended to be the final word on the best sales jobs, but rather a guide to present ideas for your own consideration.

High Income Potential

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While high income does not mandate job satisfaction, it certainly helps. For those in sales, having an unlimited earning potential is important to keep motivation levels high. It has been said countless times that sales is the transfer of emotions. If you are emotional about earning a high income, you'll find sales careers that pay the most to ​offer plenty of opportunity to transfer that emotion.

Job Security

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With an ever changing global and national economy, it is difficult to claim that any career includes a high element of job security. So while no sales careers can claim absolute security, there are several that do provide security that seems to surpass the security provided by others.

Sales careers in the health care industry and IT sectors consistently provide the most job security, primarily because of the simple formula of supply and demand. Basically, the more demand there is from the public for a service/skill/product, the more security the jobs providing the high demand item will provide.

Health care is expected to account for 40% of each dollar spent in the coming years and as America and the world continue to grow in their dependence on networks and IT infrastructure, these two fields can be considered the most secure fields for sales professionals. However, your security ultimately is a direct result of your performance. Do poorly selling the most "in demand" service in the world and you will have less job security than someone knocking the cover off the ball selling a less demanded service.

Respect and Importance

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Feeling that your job is important and respected is a critical factor for long-term success. Land a job that pays great and offers all the job security you could ask for but is not rewarding and you will find that your performance and satisfaction will begin to wane.

The reason for this is simple. People of all walks of life have a need to feel that what they do is important and respected. What determines the degree of importance and respect is very subjective and, therefore, varies from professional to professional. Selling green cleaning products may be very rewarding to one and a horrible way to spend 8 hours per day to someone else.

The trick is to find a career that you respect and that you feel provides an important service and not try to assume what others may feel as important and respectable. To each, their own, the old saying goes. And it applies to careers as well.

Work - Life Balance

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Let's say you have a family of four and are offered a sales job selling a product that you love and believe in, that pays more than you've ever earned in your life and provides a 15-year guarantee of employment. There's only one minor concern with the offer: It demands 70% travel.

You would be away from your family 7 out of every 10 days, probably spending 7 of those nights in a hotel in a city where you have no familiarity, friends, other family or time to do much more than to prepare for the next work day. The balance between your work and your home life would be in shambles.

What good would the income, security, and respect be in you are miserable in every other life area?

In order for you to truly find fulfillment and satisfaction in a career, you need to have a healthy work - life balance. While desperate times may force your decision to accept a position that does not mesh with your personal life, positions like that simply cannot offer long-term satisfaction. If you find yourself in the fortunate position of having several career choices, make sure you select one that allows for a good and healthy balance. If you choose a career based solely on the income potential, you may find yourself very unhappy, unhealthy and disgruntled before too long.

Fun and Enjoyment

No one ever said that work had to be fun, but being able to blend enjoyment into your work is critical. Not only will your job satisfaction and general demeanor be increased, but your performance will also improve.

As with work -life balance, the best sales careers have a healthy blend of work - fun. If you find yourself with your nose to the grindstone every second you're at work, you'll soon become burned out and looking for another position. Have a job where you spend more time socializing and doing non-work related, but acceptable tasks and your performance (along with income, security, and respect) will suffer

If you've ever watched the movie, "The Shining," then you are familiar with the line "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Not suggesting that if you have a job that offers no fun that you will follow a path similar to that taken by the character Jack in the movie, but you will, in all likelihood, lose interest, motivation and drive in your position.

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