What Are Management Jobs?

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What Are Management Jobs?

Simply, management jobs are those jobs where your role is to accomplish things through the work of others rather than by doing the work yourself. A Production Manager does not operate one of the machines even though he or she may be better at it than some of the machine operators. A Software Development Manager does not write lines of code even though they are capable of doing so.

People in management jobs do one thing, they manage.

What Are Not Management Jobs?

If you are a team leader, or a lead welder, head cashier, or senior programmer, you are not in a management job. There may be times when you manage people, but yours is not a management job. When you do the same work as the others in your group, you are not in a management job.

What Kinds of Management Jobs Are There?

There are management jobs in every profession, every industry, and every location. There are management jobs in large and small companies and in both non-profit corporations and for-profit companies.

How Do I Qualify For Management Jobs?

To qualify for management jobs, you have to demonstrate two things. You must show that you have a mastery of the tasks that are done by the group you will manage and, more importantly, you must be able to show an ability to manage people.

How Do I Get A Fist Management Job?

Like most other jobs, though, no one wants to give you that first management job unless you have experience and you can't get experience if no one will give you a first job.

Here's what you need to know and, more importantly, what you need to do to get that first management job.

How Do I Get Higher Management Jobs?

Like a first management job, you qualify for higher management jobs by demonstrating your ability to handle the management job you have. You will never get promoted until you show you can easily handle the role you are in.

Beyond that, you need to recognize that at each level you are competing with more and more candidates for fewer and fewer management jobs. In a large company, for example, there may be many first line managers, but there will only be one CEO. For more, read Getting Promoted.

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