Weird Car Insurance Claims

Car Surfing
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Working in the auto insurance industry, you are bound to come across a few weird car insurance claims. The agency we work at is no different, although we don't get the real crazy claims like hitting a moose or a car landing on a roof. The most noteworthy claims are often high dollar claims. The term "weird" is loosely based. Maybe one is weird, one ironic, one odd, and one just plain crazy.

Getting a Car Stuck On Top of a Deer on the Highway and Semi Hits Car

Once we had a client who ran over a dead deer lying on the highway. The deer had been hit by the car ahead of her. She could not move her vehicle, she exited the vehicle and stood on the side of the road. Her car was then struck by a semi causing a whole lot more damage. Her vehicle was a total loss. Luckily, she was not injured and her vehicle was covered under both comprehensive and collision coverage.

Hitting a Deer on the Way Home From Getting Deer Damage Repaired

You know you live in deer country when you are at the collision repair shop, pay your comprehensive deductible, leave with a newly repaired hood and bumper, to immediately smash into another deer. Talk about frustrating! Coming up with the cash for another deductible and being without your car while it is being repaired is a total pain. Many times hitting a deer is totally unavoidable. The best thing you can do is stay off the road at the times of dawn and dusk. 

Stolen Catalytic Converters

Often when you think of theft regarding an automobile, you think of someone breaking a window and grabbing the belongings inside. Maybe even a brave thief might take off with the entire car, but did you know there is a small car part connected to your muffler called a catalytic converter worth anywhere from $50 to $200?

We had three different clients call on the same day about missing catalytic converters. All three had been parked at a mass transit parking lot. You know the ones, where people can meet up to carpool. Mass transit parking lots are easy picking for thieves. They can go right down the line of cars and make off with a big payday. All three clients were lucky to have listed comprehensive coverage on their vehicles so they were able to file the claim. The repairs of a stolen catalytic converter can cost approximately $1000.

Car Surfing

Now this one was a surprise! A college student was partying with his buddies and gave his friend the keys to his car. Instead of getting in the passenger seat and buckling up, he decided to get on top of the car and try car surfing. It ended with him nearly losing his life. He has had long-lasting brain trauma and will probably need therapy for the rest of his life. In Michigan, medical coverage is unlimited! He maxed out the $500k coverage required to be paid by the insurance carrier and is now receiving benefits from the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association.