Best Websites for Freelance Web Designers and Developers

Whether you're looking for a side gig, or want to work for yourself entirely, it's no question that being a freelancer has a slew of benefits. (Except actual "benefits" that you enjoy with a full-time job.)

Freelancing can bring you more freedom—financially and in terms of your day-to-day schedule. 

There are lots of steps involved when becoming a freelancer. Even more to becoming a high-paid one

Either way, one thing is certain: you need clients. 

So, we've put together a list of nine awesome websites to find freelance work specifically as a web developer/designer.


Young designer brainstorming in home office.
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Craigslist is one of my all time favorite sites for almost everything, including finding freelance gigs.

Craigslist makes it super simple to filter only freelance jobs, or "contract", and search for openings by keyword. (Like, "web design" or "ruby on rails".) 

But be careful: Craigslist can be a place with spammy listings. Always use the best judgment when applying to positions. (And never Western Union anyone you "met" online money...)

Best for: all types of work

You can continue here to learn more about job hunting on Craigslist


oDesk and Elance have combined platforms to create Upwork.

If you were familiar with either oDesk or Elance, then you know the drill: clients create projects, you can bid on them. 

Upwork offers a range of clients, meaning it's perfect for freelancers at all levels. (Unlike some on the list, which may be ideal for those more experienced.)

Best for: all types of work.

Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is for web-based and creative positions. 

Moreover, they have awesome filters where you can select "freelance" only listings. You can also filter results by remote jobs only. 

Best for: web design, development, anything web-related 


YunoJuno, with a sleek website, connects innovative companies to the best freelancers. It's members only. All freelancers must go through an application to be approved. Freelancers mostly are in the tech and design space. 

Dubs themselves for "elite freelancers" - so not an open marketplace. 

Best for: design and development


Gigster is for hiring developers specifically. Companies hiring range from large, like Google, to small.

This is a platform best for the experienced developer/engineer, not the newbie. Because applying to be a Gigster isn't exactly a walk in the park. 

Best for: developers and software engineers 

(If you're looking for junior developer positions specifically, check out this helpful article.)


Hirable is a site where freelancers and employers can meet. Similar to Gigster in that it's for developers/engineers only.

On Hirable, you make a profile and companies can contact you.  

Best for: developers and software engineers 

Working Nomads

Working Nomads is a site strictly with remote job listings. Most of the jobs they feature are in development or design. However, also feature some other positions in marketing/management fields. 

Best for: design, development, and of course people who want remote work 

Find out more about awesome remote job sites here.


DesignCrowd is for designers only. Includes logo designers to t-shirt designers. And of course web designers. 

Best for: designers of all kinds


99designs is a platform for designers-only.

99designs is a site where designers compete for work. That is, clients choose which designs they like best for their project. 

It's ideal for those who want to prove themselves. 

Best for: designers of all kinds


At the end of the day, you need to put yourself out there in order to start landing work as a freelancer.