Wearable Fitness Monitor Uses Indiegogo’s New InDemand Program

New fitness monitor, AmpStrip, uses Indiegogo's InDemand Program
Zack Miller

The world of technology is teeming with smart watches and fitness trackers, each one vying for consumer attention. In the midst of all this, difficult questions arise. Which device is the best? Which one do I choose?

The challenge is, monitoring options have been uncomfortable, not able to withstand water and unable to provide consistently reliable data. Users haven’t had access to truly comfortable, convenient, accurate 24/7 monitoring – until now.


AmpStrip, developed by FitLinxx based on our more than 20 years of experience making enterprise health and fitness technology, is smarter and more accurate than any other fitness tracker on the market. Its innovation lies with its put-it-on-and-forget-it design. The device sticks to the user’s torso like a Band-Aid to automatically monitor heart rate, exercise load, resting heart rate, recovery heart rate and other biometrics all day, every day. 

The waterproof, sensor-filled adhesive strip tracks athletes’ activity not only while they work out but also while they rest, recover and sleep. Heart rate is the key to understanding performance, so constantly monitoring these functions helps athletes find the perfect balance between too little and too much training.

AmpStrip will be commercially available starting this summer, but we couldn’t wait until then to share it with athletes. As part of the consumer launch, we ran an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to recruit athletes, gadget lovers and fitness enthusiasts to Beta test the product and give us feedback about their experience and help shape the final stages of development.


The campaign was wildly successful, quickly surpassing our original $50,000 goal and ultimately raising nearly $400,000. During the process, we connected with people throughout the world ready for a wearable that’s accurate, smart, comfortable and reliable. We’re absolutely honored by the overwhelmingly positive response.

When the campaign ended, we wanted to maintain communication with our Beta testers and the entirety of contributors, while also engaging new consumers, continually driving interest to the brand and taking pre-orders. Indiegogo’s recently launched InDemand program presented itself as the perfect pre-sale platform. 

We’ve worked closely with Indiegogo (ed: read more about Indiegogo) throughout our crowdfunding journey. CEO Slava Rubin has expressed his support, saying:

“AmpStrip and its founders have been tremendously successful gaining support from Indiegogo’s global audience for their amazing heart rate wearable, receiving funds from nearly 3,000 contributors representing 184 countries and counting. Now, they’ve moved beyond their crowdfunding campaign and are using the InDemand program on Indiegogo to continue taking orders. InDemand gives entrepreneurs the turnkey solution they've been asking for to reach a larger audience and move into the next phase of their company’s lifecycle."

InDemand enables campaign owners to seamlessly transition into the next phase of operations including accepting product pre-orders, customer acquisition and earnings growth. Indiegogo initially introduced InDemand as a 10-week pilot program in late 2014 that raised millions of dollars for the participating organizations, and its success was so great that the company made it available to any fully funded campaign.


The progression from campaign to InDemand has been completely natural and our sales have continued to grow while operating within the platform. We’re able to provide product development updates to both old and new supporters while building upon the success of our initial campaign and utilizing Indiegogo’s marketing tools and credibility. 

Want to amp up your fitness and check out InDemand in action? Pre-order your AmpStrip now at http://igg.me/at/ampstrip/x/9651027

About the Author:

Dave Monahan joined FitLinxx from Microsoft in 2006 as Executive VP of Products and Markets, becoming President and CEO in 2008. With expertise in sales, marketing, engineering and growing businesses through partnerships, Dave has helped transform FitLinxx into an industry-leading provider of fitness, activity wireless healthcare devices.

Dave is an avid runner.

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