Warner Music Group - Careers

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Warner Music Group - The Basics:

  • What: One of the Big Four record labels
  • Company Headquarters: New York, New York
  • Chairman: Edgar Bronfman, Jr

Hollywood Beginnings:

Much like fellow Big Four major record label Universal Music Group before them, Warner Music Group got its start as a branch of a movie studio. Warner Bros movie studio started the label in 1958 as a means for releasing soundtracks attached to their motion pictures.

The timing for starting a label was great, thanks to increasing popularity of rock'n'roll music and pop music radio, and it didn't take long for the Warner record label to become a going concern in its own right.

Name Changes and New Labels:

The late 1960s and early 1970s was an important time for Warner Music Group. In 1968, they acquired Atlantic Records label, which at the time was possibly the pre-eminent jazz and R&B labels in the world. Shortly after that, Warner expanded again, this time buying Elektra Records. The company changed its name to Warner Communications but became better known in the music industry as WEA (Warner Elektra Atlantic).

In 1987, a big change came again, when Warner merged with the Time Corporation, forming the extremely powerful media corporation Time Warner. Time Warner sold Warner Music in 2003 for $2.3 billion.

Warner Music Labels:

Warner Music Group owns, partially owns or distributes some of the world's best-known record labels.

Some of the Warner Music Group labels include:

Warner Chappell Music:

The Warner Music Group-affiliated publishing company, Warner Chappell Music is arguably one of the most powerful publishing companies in the world, if not THE most powerful.

Warner Chappell dates back to 1929 and was also founded by Warner Bros movie studio, who started the company to cut down on the film music licensing costs. The publishing company is home to many Warner and non-Warner records artists alike.