Want To Win An Award For Your Amazing Food Products?

National and International Food Awards Give Buyers the Confidence to Choose You

Big Picture Farm team with their sofi awards
2015 sofi best product award winners Big Picture Farm. Susie Wyshak

When Big Picture Farms first entered the Good Food Awards, when we opened up the Confections category a few years ago, I wondered if something as simple as caramels could win against more elaborate and complex flavors of chocolate-coated confections.

The answer has been YES. Repeatedly.

In 2015, Big Picture Farms' Raspberry Rhubarb Goat Milk Caramels won one of the top Specialty Food Association's award, a sofi™ Gold award for Outstanding New Product.

 The Sofi award takes into account product taste and packaging innovation and appeal. 

As a little backstory on my candyphilia, I helped kick off the Confections category and was a co-chair of the bean-to-bar chocolate category at the Good Food Awards since the first year.

See If You Qualify to Enter the Good Food Awards

A Good Food Awards win immediately let wholesale buyers know that your food is amazing and you are sourcing and producing responsibly.

In fact, members of the Specialty Food Association often will be judges at the Good Food Awards, the perfect stepping stone as you grow toward joining the association.

How the Good Food Awards judging works: At a blind tasting with 200 food crafters, chefs and food writers will determine which products become the 2016 Good Food Award winners. The catch: everything must be produced with a commitment to environmental and social responsibility, supporting local economies and the planet.

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What Good Food Awards Winners Get

All winners are honored at a ceremony that reliably features luminaries like Mark Bittman and Alice Waters. 

During the weekend that kicks off the Winter Fancy Food Show, in San Francisco, winners can sell their wares at the 20,000-person Good Food Awards Marketplace.

Last year’s 150 winners got coverage in 200 national outlets, including Newsweek, Saveur, Food 52 and other publications (as well as last year on the radio, with yours truly). 

Most importantly, the Good Food Awards seal and any corresponding marketing power translates to sales. Winners consistently report sales increases, more retail accounts.

Plus the community is awesome, and it's a chance to connect with American food crafters from a range of categories.

Speaking of Cheap Food Marketing

What I find most appealing about Big Picture Farm is their endless array of adorable baby goat photos on Instagram.

Simple social media hashtags related to your awards entries or social media "account takeovers" by fans can especially make your food competition wins go even further. And of course, they give you free marketing in those cases where you don't win.