Want to Enter Blog Contests? Here's How to Find Them

Quick, Easy, and Free Ways to Find Blog Sweepstakes and Contests

What Are Blog Contests?

The word "blog" derives from the phrase "web log." Originally, they were little more than online diaries. Today, however, many businesses use blogs to promote their products and many individuals earn good livings by running blogs. And many of these bloggers run giveaways, called blog contests, to help promote their companies.

Blogs and sweepstakes make a great partnership. Bloggers get a bigger audience when they hold giveaways. Companies build buzz about their products, generally at a low cost and low risk. And sweepers get lots of chances to win prizes, often with very good odds.

How Blog Contests Work:

Most blog contests let you enter by posting a comment on the blog post that promotes the sweepstakes. Some blogs offer an entry form, whereas others require you to make a post about the contest on your own blog.

Many blog contests use a program called Rafflecopter to manage their sweepstakes. With a Rafflecopter account, you can easily sign into these giveaways. Usually, these kinds of blog contests give extra entries for performing various actions like referring friends or following partners' blogs.

Want to Give Blog Contests a Try?

There are a lot of blog contests running at any specific time, and not every sweepstakes directory lists them. So how can you find blog contests to enter? Here are some ideas:

Blog Contests on Online-Sweepstakes.com

Online-Sweepstakes.com Images
Online-Sweepstakes.com Lets You Filter for Blog Contests. Image (c) Sandra Grauschopf

The Online-Sweepstakes.com (OLS) directory doesn't have a separate section just for blog contests, but they do offer blog contest filters. Simply choose the option you prefer in a drop-down menu and you can easily see only blog contests in their sweepstakes listings (or not see any at all, if you prefer).

There are usually hundreds of blog sweepstakes listed on OLS at any given time, and you can view the available blog giveaways by prize type, entry frequency, age, and more. More

Sweepstakes Advantage Has a Blog Contest Section

Sweepstakes Advantage image
Sweepstakes Advantage makes finding blog contests easy. Image (c) Sandra Grauschopf

Sweepstakes Advantage (SA), another large sweepstakes directory, offers hundreds of listings in their blog contest section.

If you want to spend some time concentrating on blog giveaways, going straight to that section will let you scan the available giveaways for the prizes you want to enter and win, saving you time.

You can also use the SA website to track your entries and to see how popular contests are with other sweepers. More

Contest Girl's Blog Sweepstakes Section

ContestGirl.com Image
ContestGirl.com Lists Blog Contests. Image (c) Sandra Grauschopf

Contest Girl's blog sweepstakes section also offers hundreds of opportunities to win. You can also add the giveaways that interest you to your own "My Sweepstakes" list, which is helpful for tracking the sweepstakes you've entered and for giveaways that you want to revisit to enter daily. More

Blog Contests at GiveawayJunkie

Giveaway Junkie Image
Giveway Junkie lists blog contests to enter. Image (c) Sandra Grauschopf

Unlike the other sweepstakes directories listed above, GiveawayJunkie is geared specifically for blog contests. Because of this, the blog giveaways are numerous and well organized, though you won't find many of the other types of giveaways listed on other sites.

One nice feature that GiveawayJunkie offers is that you can sort or filter your listings by a number of different factors like expiration date, sweepstakes with low entries, and the type of blog contest.

That means that if you don't like to enter Rafflecopter sweepstakes, for example, you can just filter out the contests that use it. More

Giveaway Promote Lets Bloggers Announce Sweepstakes

Giveaway Promote Image
Giveaway Promote lets bloggers promote their own giveaways. Image (c) Sandra Grauschopf

Giveaway Promote is a site that lets bloggers spread the word about their contests. It's intended only for blog giveaways, and bloggers can pay additional money to have their contests featured.

It gives you some search options so that you can filter by prize type, entry method, the number of people who have already entered, and more. You can also filter based on your location: US, Canada, or Other Locations. More

Follow Your Favorite Bloggers

People on phones with social media icon chalkboard
Following your favorite bloggers is a good way to be the first to know about blog contests. Justin Lewis / Getty Images

When you find blog contests that you want to enter, be sure to take the time to check out the blogs behind them. If you like the content, follow them (signing up for emails or following on social media are good ways to do this, and it might even earn you extra entries into the contest).

Not only does following the blog encourage the blogger to hold more contests, but it also helps you be among the first to hear about new giveaways in the future.