Visme Review

Screenshot of Visme in Google Chrome
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Visme is an online presentation maker that has everything you need to create a nice slideshow. Basic formatting tools and standard presentation features are included, and the interface is very friendly to work with.

Visme lets you share your presentations and even checks for spelling mistakes for you as you type.

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  • Easy to use
  • Checks for spelling errors automatically
  • Open and clean interface
  • Standard presentation and text formatting abilities
  • Able to share your work through a public link


  • Can download your presentation as a JPG image file only
  • Private sharing isn't allowed
  • Some options work only if you upgrade to a paid subscription
  • Must save your work manually
  • Unable to upload and edit files made with other presentation software


  • 80+ background designs are available to customize each slide
  • Visme has several themes and slide layouts that can be chosen from a gallery
  • There are over 40,000 free images you can add to slides in addition to your own custom image file, widgets, charts, graphs, shapes, banners, icons, and other objects
  • Drag and drop is supported for adding objects to slides, rearranging the order of the slides, and moving objects around on screen
  • Text color and background color can be changed in Visme, as well as the size, font type, alignment, and other standard modifications
  • A few animated text designs can be imported into a slide as well as as list, two or three columns of text, titles, subtitles, and regular body text. Text can also have a 3D shadow effect
  • YouTube and Vimeo videos can be added to a Visme presentation, as well as MP3s from online URLs
  • Clicking a text box can link to an online website or another slide in the presentation
  • Objects can be animated with custom movements and then adjusted along a timeline
  • You can set the presentation to transition between slides automatically or on click
  • Scroll, fade out, flip, and no effect are the options available for moving between slides created in Visme
  • Presentations can be downloaded as JPG file, shared with a public link, uploaded to SlideShare, or embedded using HTML
  • Shared presentations can be viewed in full screen but they include the Visme logo on the bottom

My Thoughts on Visme

Visme leaves me with strange feelings because it has some great features but also some pretty unlikable ones.

I really don't like that you can't download your presentation in a usable format. Getting an image version of the file is hardly useful for presenting to someone, especially considering the entire presentation saves as one huge image.

On the other hand, there are tons of nice designs and images you can use for slides, as well as automatic spell check, sharing, and some unique text editing features.

I wouldn't recommend Visme for a general request of a good online presentation maker, but after trying a few others, like Google Slides and Zoho Show, maybe you'll like what it has to offer.

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