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Video game designers and programmers
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The video game industry is a large one with sales of over $5.2 billion in 2015 ( Many people who buy those games dream of one day making a living designing them. A video game job is possible, but one usually ascends to a position working as a video game designer only after years of gaining experience doing other jobs in this field. Fortunately, there are many careers from which to choose, both on the technical and business sides, of this industry.

Technical Jobs in the Video Game Industry

Game Designers

Video game designers come up with the concepts that eventually become video games. They see those ideas through to fruition by developing storylines and characters, and then guiding them through production. They collaborate with other members of the development team including artists, programmers, and audio engineers. Video game design jobs include game designer, lead designer, and level designer.
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Software Developers and Computer Programmers

Software developers and computer programmers work with game designers to implement their visions for final products. Developers design the software that makes video games work the way the designers intended. Programmers create the code that converts those designs into instructions video game systems can read.
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Animators and Other Artists

As an integral part of the video game development team, animators and other artists make video games come to life visually. Animators create the series of pictures that form the images in a video game. Artists also design packaging that makes games stand out on store shelves.

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Audio Engineers

Audio engineers use computers and electrical equipment to create video games' soundtracks. They are responsible for everything you hear,  giving voice to characters, creating sound effects, and recording background music.
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Writers fill multiple roles within the video game industry. Scriptwriters create the stories which games are based on and write dialogue for the characters. Technical writers are responsible for the accompanying documentation and instructions.
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Translators convert characters' dialogue, as well as instructions and other documentation from their original languages to others. This allows companies to market games to an international market.
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Video Game Testers

Game testers provide quality assurance (QA) for the companies that produce video games. They make sure games function correctly and that instructions and documentation are written clearly. They identify problems and bugs, reporting their findings to designers and developers.
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Technical Support Specialists

Technical support specialists are the link between the video game company and the public.

They help customers who may have problems operating a game or related equipment.
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Business Jobs in the Video Game Industry


Video game producers tend to the business and financial details involved in developing products and getting them ready to be marketed to consumers. They oversee all personnel and keep production of games within time and budget constraints.
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Marketing Managers

Marketing managers coordinate video game publishers' marketing activities. They formulate a strategy for selling their products to consumers, including deciding where they will sell them and how they will promote them.
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Market Research Analysts

Market research analysts design surveys that they will use to determine prospective customers' buying preferences.

They use the data they gather to help video game publishers decide what products and services to sell, how much to charge for them, and where and how to sell them.
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Sales Representatives

Sales representatives sell video games to wholesalers or retailers on behalf of publishers. They need extensive knowledge about the products, the video game industry, and potential customers.
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