The Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Boo in Construction

Gotta give them something they love!

Don’t let his rough exterior fool you. Guys love getting gifts, and you would be surprised at the kinds of gifts that go over well with the average contractor or construction worker, especially around Valentine’s Day. 

This one is more for the significant others out there than it is for the employers, but if you’re a business owner who is also an incurable romantic, you might just find some inspiration for your team here, too.

You don’t even have to say it’s for Valentine’s Day. Make up a reason or an occasion; everyone likes to feel appreciated.

Practical but Fun

Is your boo the kind who enjoys receiving useful gifts? Does he prefer to receive things that acknowledge his hard work and make things just a little easier? Well, we have a few ideas in mind. 

Occunomix is a great source for all kinds of construction- and contractor-related supplies and gifts. The one that caught our eye is this unique but practical cowboy-style hard hat. It adds a touch of style while still meeting ANSI Z89.1 Type 1, class E & G specs for safety.

With the colder weather upon us in many parts of the country, this 64-ounce thermal vacuum bottle by Stanley keeps that special someone warm and alert with hot coffee at the ready all day, even when the mercury is falling. Sometimes it takes more than love to keep him warm, so send him off on a cold morning with a little reminder of the warmth that waits at home after a long day.


For the safety and style-conscious construction pro, there are these stylish yet durable Red Wing 6-inch Moc Toes. Red Wing is the brand of choice for many contractors, but the price tag can be a deterrent for some. If you’re in the position to splurge a little, your boo (and his feet) will adore you for this.

For a gift that says “I love you this much,” give the contractor in your life this 41-inch stainless steel Ultimate Tool Box from Viper. Nothing beats the quality and security of a Viper, which is why it is a favorite among machinists and builders.

Electronics and Tech

It’s practically mandatory these days that contractors come equipped with at least one reliable mobile device, which is why we think a brand new tablet would make a great gift for Valentine’s Day. You can go the whole route and splurge on a top-of-the-line Apple iPad, or you can opt for a more economical but equally useful model from Samsung or LG.

Looking for something a little simpler? has a wide range of electronic goodies and gadgets designed with specific areas of construction and repair in mind. Any product you can think of for measuring and estimating can be found here, along with a huge catalog of other equally practical and useful gift ideas.

Something Sweet—for Him or Her!

Let’s not forget that there are plenty of hard-working women out there performing every conceivable task in the construction industry, too. There is a very unique company out there that specializes in sweet treats that are great fit for him or her.

Yes, you can go the traditional candy and flowers route for the construction professional in your life, and is here to help. 

Choose from a giant toolbox crammed full of delicious baked goodies or other equally cute construction-themed containers bursting with everything your boo will need to satisfy even the hungriest sweet tooth. 

We hope these suggestions will help you make this Valentine’s Day one that is truly unique for the construction professional in your life. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, both on and off the job, after all.