15 Valentine's Day Party Games for Kids

Free, Printable Valentine Games for the Classroom

These valentine party games are going to make your kids' Valentine's Day classroom party a whole lot of fun! No matter what size of a group of children you have, these games should work wonderfully.

The great thing about these valentine party games is that they don't require you to purchase anything for them. All the supplies you'll need are clearly listed under each game and should be items that you already have around your home or classroom.

There are rules for each Valentine's Day game but don't afraid to change them to fit the age of the kids or size of the group. You may just come up with your own unique valentine party game!

There are many free, printable valentine games included here but there are also some games that have simple rules, no print-outs or materials necessary.

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Tip: Here are some heart templates you can use for quite a few of these valentine party games.

Valentine's Day Minute to Win It

Caucasian girl stacking candy on table
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These 5 Valentine's Day themed Minute to Win It games is a great addition to your set of valentine games for a classroom party or any other get together in February.

The games include heart stack, candy corn stick up, candy pick up, marshmallow toss, and a heart relay. All you need is some candy a few seconds of set up time. More

Valentine's Day Matchmaker

A girl and boy holding homemade valentines.
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Write the name of some famous couples on paper and then stick it to the children's backs. The other children will need to quiz each other to get clues about what famous couple is taped to their backs.

You can choose to use cartoon characters, TV couples, or even celebrities.  More

Catch My Heart

Siky read heart in child's hands
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In this valentine party game, a ball or beanbag is meant to represent a heart.

The kids will sit around in a circle, and the child with the ball will name another child, and toss the ball to them.

Get this game really moving with the introduction of multiple bean bags or hearts! More

Valentine's Day Pictionary

Chalk and heart shape on blackboard
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This is your average game of Pictionary but using Valentine's Day themed words.

Included in the link are word ideas for both younger and older children. More

Who Do You Love?

Children Play Musical Chairs
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This valentine party game reminds me of musical chairs but there's actually no music involved.

One child is "it" and picks another child to ask an identifying question to. The other children who can answer the question "yes" must get up and scramble to find a new seat. More

All Paired Up

Studio shot of broken heart
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Here's a fun valentine party game that serves as an icebreaker. Cut hearts in half and give each child one at the beginning of the party and then they can find the child who has the matching half of their heart.

If you have a large group of kids, be sure to check out the variation where this can be turned into a team game. More

Valentine Word Search Puzzles

A girl writing in a notebook in her room.
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These free valentine word searches make a fun valentine party game for kids of all ages.

They'll have so much fun they won't even realize their strengthening they spelling and problem solving skills. More

Heart Counting Game

Mother assisting daughter (3-4) cutting off heart shape of paper
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Here's a Valentine's Day party game that's not only fun but also educational. Cut some paper hearts in half that has a number on one side and a matching number of objects on the other side. Mix up all the hearts and have the students race to match the hearts back up together again.

You can also play this valentine party game with uppercase and lowercase letters in Letter Match Game. More

Valentine's Day Bingo Game

Bingo Love
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Here's your traditional bingo game but with themed Valentine's Day bingo cards to make it an easy and fun Valentine party game.

There are 9 free sets to choose from and they all include anywhere from 6 to 30 different bingo cards. Calling cards are included in most of the sets as well. More

Valentine Mad Libs

Two girls eating chocolate and laughing.
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Kids will love creating silly stories with these valentine mad libs. Have kids work in partners and share their silly stories with everyone when all are finished.

There are 3 Valentine's Day mad libs here including Cupid's Delivery, Puppy Love, and Be My Valentine. More

Heart Hunt

A boy and girl playing with paper hearts.
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Cut hearts out of different colors of paper and scatter them around the room. Give the kids a specified amount of time to find the hearts and count how many of each color they can find.

Make this more advanced for older kids by assigning a different number of points for different colors. More

Hugs and Kisses

"XO" valentine cookies.
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This ​Valentine party game will really get the kids moving when they jump to make body movements to represent a hug (circle with arms above head) and kisses (form an X.)

Mix it up by adding more actions like jumping or hopping. More

Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

I Love You
RobMattingley / Getty Images

Kids love to color and these printable coloring pages will make an easy Valentine party game for even the shyest of kids.

Send them home with the kids or make a special keepsake book to remember this Valentine's Day. More

Initial Compliments

A boy and girl looking through a heart cut-out.
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Each boy will draw a girl's name and go up and compliment that girl using words that start with the same letter as her first name. The girl will then return compliments using the boy's initials.

If you have shy kids then have the girls compliment each other while the boys compliment each other. More

Cupid Says

A girl surrounded by hearts.
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Play the game Simon Says but change the name to Cupid Says. This Valentine party game will really get the kids up and moving!

You can even throw in some fun actions like put your hand on your heart, make an air kiss, give a hug, and more. More