Using Twitter Cards to Increase Leads and Sales Online

Twitter Cards
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Twitter has become the most popular microblogging platform in the world, its influence felt in almost any business domain imaginable. It has also played a critical role in political movements, brought the sports and entertainment media world to people’s fingertips and allowed media professionals and others to stay in touch with ongoing events on a near real-time basis.

Popularity for the sake of popularity is great, but online entrepreneurs are more interested in lead generation and getting more sales (income).

How about inviting your Twitter followers to visit your website, subscribe to your email list, or purchase a product or service? Thanks to Twitter Cards, a relatively recent addition to the social media marketing scene, you can now make your tweets more visual and increase the impact of your one-hundred forty (140) character message.

What are Twitter Cards?

Twitter cards are in fact expanded tweets that can convey important information about your company and show a sign-up opportunity to your newsletter, a webinar registration page, or another event. Consider some of the advantages of having your own Lead Generation cards:

  • Easy, secure way to demonstrate interest in your offer without having to leave the Twitersphere.
  • Clear ‘Call to Action’ integrated with your text message and accompanying image.
  • Prospects can transfer contact information without having to fill out a cumbersome, external forms. Their name, @username, and email address are pre-filled within the card.  The user simply clicks a button to send this information directly to you.
  • Expandable tweet format means that the card is only seen by those who want to see it; others can ignore it if they choose not to take advantage of your offer.

Twitter started testing its card program in 2012 with several well-known companies like, Ford Motor Company (Lincoln), and Skittles, and several have reported that it improves first impressions and helps deepen customer relationships.

The Twitter Card’s form can help lower a company’s cost per lead (CPL) because of its simplicity relative to other marketing and lead generation suites.

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Twitter Card Analytics

With such a great marketing tool, you would expect Twitter to also offer us the ability to analyze the results of various campaigns.

Fortunately, Twitter Card Analytics fits the bill. After implementing and getting approval for your card, start tweeting links to your content. Analytics should be available within twenty-four hours.

To allow Analytics to access your primary and secondary Twitter accounts, perform the following from your main account:

A. Log in to your primary Twitter account.

B. In the Accounts drop-down menu, select “Edit access to account.”

C. Click the “Add more users.” option.

D. Enter the account @ username and set the preferred level of access.

Other Twitter Card Options

Lead generation Twitter cards are great for adding content, richer media and calls to actions. There are, however, other card options for bringing over quality business prospects to your e-mail lists and opportunities that may prove more appropriate:

1.Summary Cards: Mostly to promote informational blogs.

2.Photo Cards: Photography and Art.  Can be used in conjunction with Flickr.

3.Gallery Cards: Up to four (4) photos on your tweeted message.

4.The Application (App) Card: Increasingly popular with entrepreneurs who are looking to sell and promote apps.  Viewers can instantly download your app from their mobile device from Twitter!

5.Player Cards: Embed audio and/or video into your tweets to give followers a truly multimedia experience!

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As of spring 2013, the Lead Generation Card was only available to managed Twitter clients, but plans were in place to launch Twitter Cards globally and to small and medium-sized businesses as soon as possible. If you haven’t already done so, contact Twitter to see if you can include Twitter cards in your lead generation and overall marketing mix.

Update: Twitter Lead Generation Cards are now available to all accounts. Keep up-to-date with all of our social media marketing articles here.