Using LinkedIn To Find a Work At Home Job

Plug Into An New Home-Based Career With LinkedIn

LinkedIn to Find Work-At-Home Jobs
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Updated October 2015 by Leslie Truex

LinkedIn is a business networking site for professionals. With more than 65 million members worldwide, LinkedIn can help you find opportunities an assortment of career opportunities including freelance work and telecommuting jobs.

Many job openings posted on LinkedIn are exclusive to LinkedIn and are not advertised anywhere else. This means creating a LinkedIn login and setting up a great LinkedIn profile, perhaps even with a custom LinkedIn URL, can open doors that might otherwise be closed.

Setting Up LinkedIn To Find Jobs

Job seekers who are on the hunt for at home employment need to maximize their LinkedIn profiles. While a resume under separate cover might be required during the application process, your profile is one of the first things potential employers are likely to see. Make sure the entire “resume” area of your profile is sharp, relevant for the type of work you’re going after and is updated. If you search for and join groups related to the kind of work you're looking for, you'll not only show employers you're active in that area, but also you may also be able to invite some of them to join your LinkedIn network through your group memberships and participation in discussions.

Finding Work From Home On LinkedIn

In addition to its free basic account, LinkedIn also has a premium paid membership option that may be of help to job hunters. For one, you can get information on who has viewed your LinkedIn profile and send notes to potential employers.

But even the basic free LinkedIn account has plenty to offer for job seekers.

Some of the options you have to find potential work at home jobs on LinkedIn include:

  • Search for Jobs Using the Jobs tab. Click this tab once you're logged into LinkedIn. At first, the system will automatically generate jobs it thinks you may be interested in based on your profile. But you can use all of the many search features LinkedIn has to offer to thousands more jobs that you might be interested in. For work from home jobs, include terms like "telecommute", "remote", "virtual" "offsite" and "work from home" in your searches.
  • Join discussion groups. You can join groups on LinkedIn that are relevant to your current field, your desired field or groups related to finding jobs. These groups may provide you with direct emails about job leads and more. Potential positions may also come up in discussions, so relevant groups are well worth seeking out. Some groups may require that you get approved to join - but many do not.
  • Word of mouth and recommendations. As you gain connections on LinkedIn, make sure some of your contacts are aware that you are looking for work from home. They may have connections they can introduce you to who are currently hiring or planning to. Do not underestimate the power of introductions. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from people who know you. Many job postings on LinkedIn specifically state they give preference to people with strong recommendations.

Avoiding Work from Home Scams

Like any outlet that advertises work from home opportunities, LinkedIn isn’t immune to work at home scams.

However, it's easier to avoid them on LinkedIn than open networks like CraigsList and job boards like CareerBuilder.

As you scan possible positions, click through to the posting user’s and company’s profile, if there is one. If there's a company profile, you may also see individuals who work in this company, that you can check out too. In fact, some of them may be connected to you, either directly or through another LinkedIn connection you have in common.

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